Any One S owners move from Sensation XE?


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As the title says, have any One S owners moved from the XE?

I'm interested in how they compare because, after months of waiting for the One, I'm a bit underwhelmed by a few things that have been said about it:

1. There is only 9 or 10gb of storage once the O/S etc have taken their share and, considering I'll potentially have the phone for the term of a 2 year contract, I'm thinking long-term.

2. I have briefly used a non-rooted, not unbranded XE running ICS and Sense 3.6 and it seemed really quick and responsive (but then a Nokia 5110 is faster than my Xperia X10 so maybe the fact that it 'seems' fast is due to that!).

So I'm basically wondering if there are any benefits to be had from just getting the XE over the S?

Any thoughts/opinions are, as always guys, appreciated.



I've found the battery life on the One S to be better, the camera is better, the One S is lighter and much thinner. I also find the screen on the One S to be nicer, with much better viewing angles and better in sunlight. Storage space has never been an issue or me as I've never been anywhere near using more than about 4/5gb as I carry an iPod Touch for my music needs. Although the S is actually a bit bigger in terms of height it feels like a much more compact device.