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Any PDANet usage limitations on Verizon ?

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by thenomad, Feb 22, 2011.

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    Okay, this must have been asked a million times but since the service providers are morphing themselves to counterattack the people using bandwidth more than others, there might be some changes lately that I am not aware of.

    My situation is:

    This morning, I powered up my laptop, started pdanet app connected to the phone from my laptop, via USB and launched a bittorrent client to download a tv show I missed few nights ago. The file size is about 175 MB. In the middle of the download, PDA Net connection crapped out and I had to reboot my PC to reset the drivers according to the little dialog box which showed up over the system tray (laptop is Win XP SP2 by the way). Then everything went fine and finished the download. While browsing, I realized I missed another episode of the same show. I decided to download that. This time 5 MB into another 175 MB BT download, damn thing stalled. I reboot the pc stopped (killed) and restarted PDA Net app on my droid2 global and reconnected. Connection is established fine but I can not even go to a site like google.com. DNS resolution is taking place, but connection times out, as if a firewall in between is not letting traffic thru.

    I have rebooted the phone as well and it seems to be able to function fine but I thought this was quite a drastic step to take. 175 MB download is equivalent of a 30 minutes long web surfing under normal conditions and if the PDA Net driver is crapping out under this little pressure, why would anyone pay $30 to buy a full license.

    So far, PDA Net support questions of mine have never been answered anything else than, copying and pasting from the FAQ, despite the nature of my questions were not answered by where they copied the answer from.

    Am I the only one with this problem on Verizon (or Droid 2 global phone) or others experiencing the same situation of connection going dead ?



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