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Any regrets in your purchase?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by aldredd, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. aldredd

    aldredd Member
    Thread Starter

    Hello, this tablet is making its may to the top of my list, so is looking likely.
    Need to get my hands on one before I decide, but looks good on screen.
    It appears quite bulky though compared to others. Does this reflect in the actual physical product?

    Anyone have any regrets in getting it?

    Any any news on ICS :cool:

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  2. andr01d

    andr01d Android Enthusiast

    Yeah it's indeed bulky on one side, but it's so that it's easy to hold it with one hand without having the tablet slip off and land on the floor :D Also has spots on the back for additional grip. It's lightweight though.
    No regrets (other than the price keeps falling and the new buyers are all lucky!!)
    No idea about ICS but they said it's coming (whenever it shows up is ok with me).
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  3. aldredd

    aldredd Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks! Hoping to get to the Sony shop today to get a hands-on look at it.
    Price is certainly attractive at the moment!
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  4. Driftfog

    Driftfog Member

    It was the design that swayed us to buy it as the thing has not been switched off since we bought it about 6 weeks ago, the kids love it as does the wife.
    I wanted something a tad chunkier than the normal tablet purely for grip, you can comfortably hold it and not have any fingers on the screen side, your hand flat at the back and thumb in the groove, see picture.
    Also when laid flat on a table it angles up towards you slightly and it had a lanyard cord too.

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  5. aldredd

    aldredd Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks everyone - I did it, I bought one yesterday.
    Got pretty good price too. Im currently in india & bought it from the sony shop. Because the exchange rate has been improving quickly recently, it ended up costing me around
  6. davect01

    davect01 Newbie

    I too love this device and it's size. The bulge on the size is great for extended usage.

    The biggest complaint for me is that the charger is computer style and is propitiatory to the Sony "S." it is big and bulky and expensive to get a second one.
  7. aldredd

    aldredd Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, strange they didnt go with usb charging, would have thought it would be cheaper to produce. And the tablet p has a different charging plug again!

    I tell you what though, I had a play with the remote control system yestertday, and have to say I am very impressed. I have av amp, tv, blu ray player, xbox & cable box, and was able to quickly setup all of them, and customised a few of the functions. One for showing off to my ipad showing off friends!
  8. andr01d

    andr01d Android Enthusiast

    yeah me too - for a moment i was wondering why we don't get a USB charger for this tablet. Then i noticed it's a higher voltage higher-current (about 30W) charger for fast recharge. So this kind of makes sense (the USB connector cannot do 30W continuous).
  9. aldredd

    aldredd Member
    Thread Starter

    Which makes sense, and the connector would have been there anyway for the dock. But to not also allow usb charging is a big shame, as meant I could just use my existing charger I have at work for my phone. Unless there are some technical challenges in having dual power source in a mobile device of course.
  10. davect01

    davect01 Newbie

    Ya it does charge fast, that's the good thing.

    Just wish it would work with the chargers I already have. That and why does every device have to be different??
  11. Driftfog

    Driftfog Member

    My biggest gripe is no car charger available :(

    Though again on the design front, I have noticed how grippy it is laid flat on a surface, it is like the back plastic coating is rubber (its not) and it doesnt slide about like my friends ipad.
  12. aldredd

    aldredd Member
    Thread Starter

    Cos it has those four rubber feet to keep it sturdy
  13. davect01

    davect01 Newbie

    You can car charge with a 12V converter. Not ideal, but it works.

    I do agree that the grip is helpful.
  14. Redbird1

    Redbird1 Member

    I don't have one yet, but hope to get one this week. This tablet looks awesome. There's just one thing.....

    I'm surprised there's no HDMI out! This is the ONLY thing about the tablet that's holding me back. I have to imagine all you Tablet S owners have found some way to view photos and videos on your HDTV.

    Could someone let me know how?
  15. aldredd

    aldredd Member
    Thread Starter

    To be honest, I have no interest in displaying conrent from my tablet on my tv. I dont take pictures from my tablet either, so have nothing on here that needs sharing in that way.
  16. andr01d

    andr01d Android Enthusiast

    I did it just one time for the fun of it and it worked. They showed it in the Sony commercial on tv (the kid flicked the picture from the tablet to the tv using one of the apps). They do it thru wireless (and it sure requires more stuff like a google tv appliance box or built into the tv).
  17. dinesh199

    dinesh199 Lurker

  18. dinesh199

    dinesh199 Lurker

    No regrets at all after byuing this tablet at all. It looks quite safe after I have put it in Igaditz leather cover.I have also upgraded to ICS and it is wonderful. After putting in Igaditz cover total weight has become 970GMS. Initialy felt little bulky but now got into habbit of holding it. It is nice
  19. aurora40

    aurora40 Android Enthusiast

    I like this device a lot. Most of the shortcoming have been shortcomings of Honeycomb/Android. Most android tablets are similarly goofy/quirky.

    Sony has been great with their ICS rollout, on tablets and phones. And ICS helps a lot with this device.

    The things my iPad does better:
    - battery life is insane, especially standby life. It loses maybe a couple percent a week on standby. Android doesn't match this currently.
    - Wifi. The iPad seems to connect instantly to wifi on wake. I'm sure it doesn't actually, but you don't notice that it is reconnecting/they hide it well.

    Other than that I love the Tablet S. The screen is way better (I have an original iPad), the hardware is better, the form factor is better (the iPad wants to shoot out of your hand), etc.

    They both have so-so web browsing. Scrolling through tall pages, neither renders the scroll smoothly. Both also render complex pages sorta slowly/clunky. The iPad may have a superficial edge only because more sites have a specific "iPad" version of their page. The Sony keeps more tabs actually rendered though, plus it supports flash content. And there are way more browser choices (and keyboard choices, etc etc).

    I don't think the Sony is a perfect device, but no tablet is (yet). But I like it a lot, and don't have regrets about getting it.
  20. jimholt

    jimholt Lurker

    A smart tv with wireless would work (wish i had one) as you can throw your content to it from the tablet.
  21. weaponx88

    weaponx88 Lurker

    There a few gripes from me on my Tablet S.
    Over all I am somewhat happy.
    I found that the wireless signal was pretty pathetic unless you were a couple feet from it's source. The only device that I own that has this issue.
    On mine the battery runs down fast and if I am on it alot I have the charge it daily.
    When online using the installed app I find that it doesn't accept taps immediately so I tap it a few times and then it is like it finally responds and catches up....all several taps. I guess I could tap the screen it once and then wait and wait and wait for it to register. I don't know if it is android or the tablet but even on my home screens it takes an overlong time to register and screen taps about 70% of the time especially when trying to access system info......tapping the clock usually brings up a "menu" but it takes MULTIPLE taps in order for it to work. Again, not sure if it is the tablet or androis os.

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