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Any Ring Lag at all like Hero

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tmaxey1, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. tmaxey1

    tmaxey1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I have been so annoyed with the amount of ring lag on my hero since i bought it. For people with the EVO does this phone have any lag. What that means is when a person calls you, how many times do they hear the ring before your evo wakes up and starts ringing?
    The Hero has made me miss so many call because of this.

  2. offtheRIM

    offtheRIM Well-Known Member

    I hope the EVO doesn't .. in about 15 minutes, I'll be finding out.

    I know exactly what you mean, as my son had the Hero before he too is getting the EVO. I'd call him, it'd ring like 3 times on my end before it appeared on his phone.
  3. marctronixx


    thats the slot cycle index. that is a setting on the pone that governs how quick the handset polls the tower. the sprint pones i have had set the SCI to 2.. if you have the MSL and can break into the programming of the phone you can change this setting to zero. the EVO will probably have the same index time so you may experience the same issue...

    i have never changed the SCI on my hero so i dont know if you can break into the radio programming to alter this.. on the pro2 pro1 mogul and earlier devices, i was able to adjust this to taste,,,,
  4. I wont be picking up my Evo till later today but my Incredible didn't do this at all. Im not sure if the service provider has any thing to do with it however.
  5. marctronixx


    if responding to my initial post, its not a service provider setting. its within the radio programming. again if this can be changed on an android thats the setting that would reduce the delay in the phone ringing when it receives a call....
  6. tmaxey1

    tmaxey1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    That is a terrible Sprint policy to make it so their customers are missing calls. The problem is that between the time the phone starts ringing to the time the voice mail picks up is so short that it causes many calls to go to voice mail. I dont think the Palm Pre (terrible phone) on my other line has this issue. It rings 3 times before i hear it. Then by like the 5-6 ring its in VM. I have called customer service about this several times and they always act like they have never heard of this problem. Yea right. Google Hero Ring Lag and you will find many people upset over missing calls.

    This is the main reason i didnt preorder the EVO. I need to call one and see if it gives me enough of a chance to answer before it goes to VM before i lay down 450. If its the same and sprint cant fix this then i will have to sell my hero and pre to pay the ETF's and find another carrier.

    Thanks for the feedback. I use my phone for business and every missed call potentially cost me $150 from my pocket.
  7. Well its not Sprint acording to the Mod its the way HTC has it programmed to recieve the incoming call signal if I understood this correctly.
  8. marctronixx


    its just a setting. if you have the phone polling the towers constantly (a ZERO setting in the slot cycle index) your battery will take a hit for sure. a setting of 2 is decent and a compromise. i just wanted to inform that its not a lag issue with the hero or any phone.. its the slot cycle...
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  9. tmaxey1

    tmaxey1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I think i understand. The problem is that it should be user controlled. And if they cant make this user controlled then the number of rings before VM picks up should be user controlled.

    Back in the day when i had an iphone or a flip phone on TMobile i could select in my VM settings how many rings before the caller was sent to VM. Sprint does not offer this option and sold me a phone (hero) that is set to take too many rings before the phone starts ringing.

    Does anyone know how the EVO is slotted then? Does it ring 3 times to the caller before it EVO starts ringing?

    Regardless of whos fault the amount of missed calls are (htc or sprint). We are customers of sprint and they need to make sure we have the ability to answer our calls. It sounds like the way the phone ships from the factory is the way it will stay. So I am wondering if this phone ships with the same settings the Hero has.

    Thanks again for the replies.
  10. dhinez

    dhinez Well-Known Member

    I just called my Evo from my house phone and it rang on the first ring. No lag what so ever. I'm happy.

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