Root Any rooters in Frisco, Tx


I was just curious if any rooters are in Frisco, Tx. I want to root my phone. I'm worried about losing my 4g. I know odds are I won't loose it. I rooted my palm pre, so I'm not a beginner. Also my internet is out.


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
welcome to the forum!!!! this place is awesome for getting any questions and or help if you need it. i'm not in texas, but i will recommend some links for you to do some research.

here is some great info to know before you root:

and here is a great guide to help you:

i can say this that matlock has put together the best guide out there and many were able to root thanx to him. if i can root so can you. if you have any questions, all you have to do is just ask.


Carrollton/Hebron/W. Plano here!

Root away. 4G works fine for me running rooted phone. The 3G trick really boosts those speeds as well.
Having someone help explain the steps could certainly be beneficial, but it is important that YOU do the actual rooting process. There are a few things you learn along the way that are invaluable to understanding ROMs, kernels, themes, recovery, bootloader, flashing, and any potential issue you may have down the road.

P.S. I'm closer to Fort Worth, so let's have this meet somewhere in the middle, like Lewisville ;)