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Any S7 screen protectors which go to the edges?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by peterh337, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. peterh337

    peterh337 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I have just returned the 4th one to Amazon...

    Both the glass and the plastic types stop about 4mm short of the edge of the screen.

    It looks really tacky, especially with the glass ones which are thick.

    For the S7 Edge there seem to exist glass ones which have curved L and R edges, but not for the normal S7.


  2. teeitupmo

    teeitupmo Newbie

    Those screen protectors you mention and dont like, are considered "case friendly."

    Unless you plan to go naked (w/o case) on your S7, you probably want those protectors that DON'T go to the edge.

    I can speak for experience, I ordered a $13 edge to edge ballistic glass protector for my iPhone 6 Plus, ever case I put on that thing caused the glass protector to lift off. After a few times of doing that, the edges no longer adhered to the phone glass. Eventually, I just took the glad protector off.

    The only case that worked with that edge to edge glass protected was the Otterbox defender, which layer over the glass protector.

    My two cents..
  3. TanyaMac

    TanyaMac Newbie

    I have now used the taggshield invisible ( which came as a 3pk). Loved the feel of it, just like the glass on the phone. But it peels on the curved section of the s7 edge. I then ordered a skinomi techskin and applied it yesterday. It's rough to touch and feels very plastic and not as smooth as the taggshield. I've ordered a slickwrap naked skin and a zagg tempered glass, because I'm determined to find a protector that stays put and gives me the authentic glass like feel.
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  4. peterh337

    peterh337 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    "Those screen protectors you mention and dont like, are considered "case friendly.""

    It depends on the case. The Nillkin case is very well designed and doesn't wrap itself over the top. This is my S7. The red arrow points to the edge of a fairly typical screen protector for the S7. The black sleeve doesn't get in the way at all

    Many thanks for that Spigen product. It was not easy to find on Amazon UK but they do it under code B01AIWCM8W. I will get one.

    BTW the Nillkin case is Amazon code B01CCPKNFC. I have used these for every phone I've had and they are excellent. However the included screen protector is the one above - nearly useless.

    You can see above I attached a lanyard to the case, using a bit of metal with two rivets:
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  5. t sport 1978

    t sport 1978 Well-Known Member

  6. peterh337

    peterh337 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    That one is for the S7 Edge, which has to wrap around otherwise it will look horrible. Most of the makers of covers for the S7 think they can get away with stopping 3-4mm short of the edge :) MF do make a S7 cover but it doesn't say anything about it going to anywhere near the edge.
  7. red97xj

    red97xj Well-Known Member

    I am on the same hunt! I tried 4 different glass protectors. Somebody has to make a glass one, that goes ALL THE WAY to the edge of screen, and is slightly curved to match phone's glass. I had a narrow one that sucked and made typing hard, then another went full width, but sticks up, and I'm currently one one that overlays the entire screen. It is my favorite, but I think its plastic, and seems to reduce touch sensitivity... I have to push a bit harder than the normal slight touch.
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  8. TanyaMac

    TanyaMac Newbie

    Only the skinomi is case friendly and I purchased it die that reason. Ill go on the hunt and see if I can find the edge version of what you have. I'm willing to try anything once
  9. peterh337

    peterh337 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I can confirm this one
    works fine on the S7.

    The soft plastic has a curve on the L and R edges and fits perfectly.

    However it fits perfectly only if you align the protector accurately left-to-right. This is fairly obvious I guess, but I had to do it a few times to get it right. The protectors for the flat screens can be placed slightly offset and it isn't noticeable.
  10. TanyaMac

    TanyaMac Newbie

    Unfortunately in Australia many of the Amazon products are not available. I recently purchased a Zarus full glass cover. It feels just like the screen, which I love and is the reason I've opted for glass. However the left side of the screen doesn't fit firmly to the edge and pressing anything on that side ( swipe txt aaaarrrgghh) is frustrating. Just ordered a Spigen that is not glass but hoping between the glass no fit and the non glass crap feel ill find a solution the curved edge has definitely presented a problem with screen protection. You would think samsung would have that covered when they release a device.

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