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Any suggestions? Internal storage space running low after rooting

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PetrusSmith, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. PetrusSmith

    PetrusSmith Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I was thinking about my original problem (as seen below) and thought that the following might help to solve this problem:

    1) Un-root my phone to the original system apps
    2) Do a "Factory data reset"

    Any suggestions?

    I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy GT-I8190 (S3 Mini) running Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and I rooted my phone in order to get more internal memory to my disposal. (FYI, i also have the Recovery-Clockwork-Touch- on my phone when I rooted it)

    It worked, but only for a little while. Then the memory started getting full and pops up a "permanent" notification to say that the storage space is running low.

    I have an app installed by the name of "Clean Master" and I frequently clean the "junk" files (cache & residual files) on and clean it at the advanced side too, so there isn't any unwanted apps or empty files laying around on my device. I also do a 'memory boost' to get an extra bit of RAM, but nothing helps to clear out the internal memory space.

    I also cleared out my clipboard of everything I had copied and I un-rooted my phone to see if it would help, but the memory just got fuller again so then I rooted my phone once again to take away the unwanted apps.

    I also have a 4GB external memory card in my device and I've moved all the apps (part of them that could move) to the memory card, but no positive results to my liking as yet. I have also kept all my music & pictures on my external memory card and I keep my download file, on the device, empty because I move everything onto the ext memory card.

    What can I do to clear up the memory? Because I can't even update my current apps or download any other apps because of the lack of space.

    My Gmail or Google Drive apps don't even want to refresh because of this storage problem.

    Please help!

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  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    Rooting gives you LESS internal memory, since it installs a file and an app to internal memory, taking away space.

    Every time you install an app, every time you save a picture, video or song, every time an app saves data, it uses up more of your storage space.

    Because you're using it up by using the phone.

    Get rid of what's taking up space. That's the ONLY way you can do it. If you have a quart bottle, and there's 32 ounces of water in it, how can you make room for more water? Only by pouring out some of the water that's in it.

    The phone will keep using more internal memory as you use it. Some of that can't be reclaimed without clearing the data and cache of an app and uninstalling the app.
  3. PetrusSmith

    PetrusSmith Lurker
    Thread Starter

    @Rukbat - Thank you for your contribution, but here is what I think:

    FIRSTLY, I am aware that rooting your phone installs a file and app, but it hardly takes any space at all and wouldn't make much of a difference if I took it off.

    SECONDLY - I am also aware that when you save a picture it takes storage space, BUT I move everything to my EXTERNAL MEMORY CARD so that it does not take up space internally.

    THIRDLY - It is obvious to me that when you install an app it takes storage space, it can't hang around in the air.

    FOURTHLY - You said "Because you're using it up by using the phone", does that mean I must not use my phone at all?

    FIFTHLY - I DELETED all my UNWANTED APPS and I had MANY more apps on my phone before and it DID NOT GET FULL. I only have like 27 downloaded apps on my phone. If you are telling me to delete EVERYTHING off my phone, what's the point of having the phone then?

    SIXTH POINT - To answer my question that I stated in the beginning, would it help if I UNROOT my phone and then do a FACTORY DATA RESET on it?
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  4. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    No, it means that you can't use more phone than you have. If you run dozens of apps you start running out of cache space. The same thing happens if you run a badly-written app. (That's wy the often-repeated advice to uninstall the last app you installed to see if it fixes a problem. Not all apps are written by competent software developers.)

    Do a Nandroid backup, then do a factory reset. Then, if it doesn't help (it should), you can restore the backup.
  5. PetrusSmith

    PetrusSmith Lurker
    Thread Starter

    IT WORKED! Thanks so much @Rukbat ... I understand now that rooting your phone gives you less memory. The factory reset helped me a lot now and I'm only using a fraction of the internal memory that I used before.
    Everything is back to normal now :)
  6. timnz

    timnz Newbie

    There's a good app, diskusage, from the play store. That helps work out what's taking data. In my case it was an old nandroid backup.
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