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Any tips how to Remove Sedio Innocase II

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Ky1e.YC, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Ky1e.YC

    Ky1e.YC Member
    Thread Starter

    It's easy to assemble the case on the phone, but I have to remove it cuz the screen protector is coming. Awkwardly, i tried a few time, but i didnt make it. anyone can provide a few tips how to remove it? help!!!

  2. Delvorak

    Delvorak Newbie

    Just below the seam on the back of the phone, press down on the case, then pull the top of the case off.
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  3. Mabster

    Mabster Android Enthusiast

    I found that along with pushing down in the middle at the crease, also pinch the sides of the top half just above the crease. This flexes the case slightly in the middle allowing it to slide off the latch with ease.
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  4. Ky1e.YC

    Ky1e.YC Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks guys.
  5. Syphon

    Syphon Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much. I never paid attention when I put it on so I never noticed the latch....
  6. SouthernEvo

    SouthernEvo Member

    Also some words of advise , depending on the screen protector you are installing on your EVO . The innocase case is pretty tight on the phone . If you are not careful it will peel the screen guard's edges up . I ran into this with Invisible Shield screen guard . I did a ghetto work around to get it to work . I cut thin long strips of clear packing tape to more or less seal the edges of the screen guard . So essentially when the Innocase was installed on the film , the edges of the case that are near the screen surface rode on the packing tape . The best way to achieve this if you do this route is to have the clear film only cover to the black borders of the glass . That way it does not interfer with the touch sensitivity and essentially due to the back border the clear film disappears from view unless you sit there staring at it . Since doing this I have had no issues with my screen guard lifting or peeling . I will eventually remove it when I switch screen guards but essentialy the screen is sealed and the case will cover up and over hang you might get doing this .

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