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Any tips to dry out a partially submerged Admire?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by InFiD3ViL, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. InFiD3ViL

    InFiD3ViL Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter


    My son, well 5 of us, have the Admire.

    But my son dropped his cell in the toilet today.

    First mistake he made was to turn it on and not remove the battery.

    I had a look at it and the only big issue I see so far is that the menu button keeps coming on, or the menu screen as if menu keeps being pressed.

    After that I took out the battery and put it (phone) someplace warm and dry to heal.

    I have heard about alcohol baths to displace the water but do not want to try this at all unless I know what I am doing.

    His reset button and a small paper strip on his battery turned pink, so yes, the Admire does indeed have water submersion indicators for those trying to fool warranty claims.

    Any ideas?


    Covering the phone in instant rice did the trick to draw all remaining moisture from the phone. Thank you to all that helped!

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  2. EricJoneckis

    EricJoneckis Well-Known Member

    I've used a blowdryer whenever my phone went swimming, usually after a few days it well Bevback to normal
  3. Boraichee

    Boraichee Android Enthusiast

    Ive heard rice works
  4. genovdot

    genovdot Android Expert

    Agreed, actually seen it work. Put some rice in a bowl, disassemble the phone and leave it in the rice overnight
  5. m835

    m835 Newbie

    I drowned my m835 right after i got it.Filled a bowl with rice and let it sit 2 days.Rice did the trick for me.Not sure if it will help in your case tho since he powered it on.wish you luck.
  6. InFiD3ViL

    InFiD3ViL Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks alot guys. May give the rice a try.
  7. Definitely give the rice a try. Not going to help much unless you disassemble the phone though. At least open the cover and take the battery out. Bury the whole damned thing in rice for a day or two, and it should absorb whatever moisture it comes into contact with (and possibly pull some of the moisture out of the case). But if he turned it on with water on the contacts, there may already be shorts (I would think so due to the menu button glitch).

    Good luck man.
  8. 3finger

    3finger Well-Known Member

    Go to the shoe store and yank a bunch of those moisture absorbent pillow bags, the lil ones they user to keep mildew from settling in.. Pull apart the cover and battery and throw it in a airtight zip lock for a couple days.. Helped when my toddler dropped mine in the toilet..
  9. InFiD3ViL

    InFiD3ViL Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Just want to thank everyone here.

    I put my boy's Admire into a plastic bowl and covered it in Minute rice and let it sit until 6pm today.

    Put the battery back in and fired her up.

    It is working great now, menu button has no problems at all.

    Only issue now is that if he ever has any other problems he is out of luck warranty wise since the moisture indicators have all been triggered.

    Well to be honest, it was voided anyway since I rooted it for him.

    But thanks to all, this worked great.
  10. SamsungAdmire

    SamsungAdmire Android Expert

    congrats on the quick fix :beer: :eek:
  11. InFiD3ViL

    InFiD3ViL Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah man, amazing how resilient these things are.

    Exactly why I don't text while I'm peeing !

    Yuck, I didnt even ask him if the toilet was used already or not. :eek:
  12. RedBeansNrice

    RedBeansNrice Member

    Use qtips and bleach to turn those white again, don't use too much, and make sure the phone is off, just in case.
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  13. Cogra147

    Cogra147 Android Enthusiast

    Welcome To Disturbia Pop: 1 Admire :vroam:
  14. spanky0323

    spanky0323 Android Enthusiast

    rice works well i heard of it.. till i needed to use it lol it works the longer you leave it in the rice the better
  15. liero67

    liero67 Member

    Bury it in a tupetware container of rice and leave it there for at least 48 hours. Hopefully you pulled the battery and didn't push any buttons. If you didn't most likely the phone will be fine. If you left the battery in and/or pushed buttons then it's up in the air.

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