Aug 30, 2011
hey guyz it has been a long month since the idea of getting rid of my nk 5800 and getting a android phone
during this month ive been looking and looking and looking and finally i found that none of the existing phone suite me at all
so i just found some virtual spec and i wish u will tell me if there is a upocming phone in q4 2011 or q1 2012 with such spec
proces:1ghz single core
ram:pure 512
screen:3.7 to 4
camera:5 mp and front one too (can record 720 p)
battery:1650 mh (needs charge once daily with mid to heavy use)
pirce:430 usd unlocked
okay some of u might tell me that existing phones suite ure needs and here is my answer
galaxy i9003:no flash -bad battery life-wont bee seeing future os
lg optimus black:worst battery life -bad camera quality-abit over priced- (its lg u know not good manufacturer as samsung ot htc or nokia !)
google nexus s: pretty bad ui its simple and pure since its done by google-bad camera quality-no mico card slot-way over priced 450 to 500 usd !!!
htc desire s:that boy really rocked me even it was a bit expinsive for me but it had the death grip wich is a killer to a wifi user like me
wish u guyz tell me about any new upcoming phones that will suite me i can w8 till q 1 2012
nb:wish the phone u tell me about is from htc since i love thier ui :)
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Hey buddy! :)

Welcome to the forums! :D

Hmm have you had a look at the Samsung Galaxy ACE by any chance dude?

It is good value for moola

There is also the Acer Liquid E. Also good value for money.

There is also the Huawei X5 or also known as the U8800 it is VERY good and on the cheap side too:

Acer Liquid E - Full phone specifications

Huawei U8800 IDEOS X5 - Full phone specifications

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 - Full phone specifications

Hope you enjoy ur stay in the forums duuuuude :)

Keep well


Stinky :D
man thx for ur help but u know major proplem is that are low end phones i mean they have low ram and low proc which means no flash and no good multi tasking thx any way
man thx for ur help but u know major proplem is that are low end phones i mean they have low ram and low proc which means no flash and no good multi tasking thx any way

No worries man! :)

I like to help people if I can! ;)

Hmm but the Huawei X5 has 512 mb of ram and a pretty good cpu at 800 mhz.

It also has a 3.8 inch screen too. But I agree it might not be what you are looking for.

Have you thought about the Coby Kyros mid 1025?

Yes it might be a tablet but it is on the cheap side and my friend it has got 512 MB of ram and a 1ghz cpu! ;)

Here dude:

Coby Kyros MID1025 10.1" Android Tablet 4GB #MID10254G - Expansys USA

It has a HUGE touch screen that is capacitive:

It is a pretty quick machine dude.

Only cost 230 Dollars :D

Amazon.com: Coby Kyros 10.1-Inch Android 2.2 4 GB Internet Touchscreen Tablet, Black MID1024-4G: Computers & Accessories

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man a tablet is okay but u know its size makes it pretty unhandy for a teen like me but thx again ur doing god job :)
No one can tell you about Q4 2011 or Q1 2012.It's damn too far :D (In mobile world atleast ;) )
Speculations are always built on the high end phone and then the lower end gets released after a while .In 6 months no one can predict what will happen .
Though there have been rumors of samsungs mid -end line ups .Galaxy W and Galaxy M Pro .They should be around the corner .

official updates of all companies are not up to the mark or liking or whatever.
the priority of updates will always be for the Higher End mobiles first ,then the mid end will get one .

That doesnt mean a particular phone cant run an upgraded OS
HTC Tattoo can run gingerbread in form of Cyanogenmod .

P.S. Have you checked HTC Incredible ?

the EU region has received the 2.3.4 update for Galaxy SL .:D
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so guyz what is ur suggestion should i get the phone asap and if so which one from the above u suggest
and btw man we r in q4 2011 last 4 month of year u know :D
okay guyz i think i found my goals
samsung galaxy w and moto defy + are my targets now wish they releaese before december:) if so ill be get one of them asasp thx for ur help all mod u can close the thread now