Help Any way to configure calendar app in HTC like in Symbian ?


Hi ,

I recently bought a HTC Desire.(was a loyal nokia fan till now ) .
It was difficult to get used to the android version of the calendar app, which syncs with google calendar etc etc..

But my question is - is it possible to create a calendar event - like in symbian OS , where you can choose - Event , Anniversary , Task (To Do) .

Issue is , I have a lot of Bday reminders, and they are not exactly "ALL DAY events" and neither do i need a reminder set for that.
I prefer the symbian way where its displayed on ur home screen - on that particular day for the entire day.

Is such a setting (may be using another app) possible in Android ?


You'll still have to set them as ALL DAY events, but those don't fill the whole day view, they only appear in the top line without a time. For birthdays and anniversaries you can set a yearly repetition. To get rid of reminders, go to menu > settings > reminder settings > set alerts & notifications and select "off".

For more functionality, the ability to add tasks and to set reminders for individual events, I recommend using "Jorte" (free, in the "Market"). It's much better than the sometimes frustrating stock app, and allows for much more customization. You can choose one (or more) of its many widgets to appear on your home screen. If you pick an "agenda" widget of your preferred size, you will have your BDays etc. on your screen during the particular day. This will work for you even if you pick a small size widget, as these events appear in the top line of the day.

I hope this helps...


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yeah let me try installing the app .
I am at work right now , so will try it out later. :)

Since we are discussing -

Are there any apps which can filter out spam msgs ?

K i did try lot of those apps in the market - found non of them useful.
This is my case - i get spams from non phone numbers.
like - TDLike , TMDominos , HDSafe .. etc etc.
But at the same time some of those are required -
say : TDStndChar -> This would be from my bank.

There was an app in Symbian (sry , am familiar with apps in symbian) like Kaspersky Antivirus which had Anti-spam feature in it. This would basically ask me , if i get any msg from anyone who is not the address book - whether i want to add it to Whitelist or Blacklist.

Are there any similar apps in Android ? I wouldnt mind paying for them either. :)

TY ,


As you have tried those in the market, I have no further suggestions... The Delete button just works fine for me :) I've also tried alternative messaging apps (like Handcent - which is very popular btw) and didn't really like them. I only use "SMS Popup" in addition to the stock app. It can unlock your screen and display a popup window when you receive a msg, and you can mark as read, delete, or reply your msg without entering the app. Not exactly what you're looking for, but still quite handy.

You might want to take a look at antivirus apps for ona with a spam filter. I have no experience with them though...

Good luck, and hope you enjoy your Desire. It takes some time to get used to, and some trial-and-error with apps to get it do things the way you like them done, but it's worth the effort. I switched from WinMo, and never looked back :)



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Welcome to the forum! :D

Spam filter:
There's no real sense in setting up an app for that in Android, as your email comes through GMail which has a built-in filter already. So go into your webmail and configure the basic setup, and then just use the "Menu: Report Spam" function on the phone.
...that is, unless you're using that other (non-GMail) mail app, then I don't know.

Google has astonishingly poor anniversary support. Try an application called EboBirthday; it can read the birthdays and anniversaries from your contacts and then create reminders in your calendar. It's better than going into "GMail: Calendar: Settings: Interesting Calendars" and enabling "Contacts' birthdays and events" because it shows the (upcoming) age of the person. You'll have to occasionally perform a scan&update manually, but it's no big deal unless you change birthdays frequently.

As a parting note, I'd like to say that you don't need to "push" your thread after a mere hour -- that's actually working against you, because there's a view to see unanswered threads, and your follow-up counts as a response (even though it's yourself). Also, we try to maintain a happy friendly ambience here, and a statement like "<snip snip snip>" seems a little, well, harsh. No offense intended, it's just that such a stance is not necessarily very helpful. :eek:

I hope you'll be happy here.


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Hi KlaymenDK ,

Thanks for the reply. Edited my post as per ur reply.

And i was talking about - SMS spam filter - not an email spam filter. :) I tired most of the apps in the market none of them were helpful .

B'days - yeah will try out both the apps recommended. Will update on the same later. :)

Regarding the 'push' of thread , i saw replied piling up for other threads which were raised a while later. So just gave a question again. Now i got the logic. TY

Thanks again - Thomas


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@na-fi - found Jorte really helpful :)
@KlaymenDK - tried EboBirthday , but i could manage with Jorte.
But am still looking for an app which would filter my sms . Any help would be really appreciated. :) TY all.

--prob i would have to wait till kaspersky comes out with the internet security s/w for android.


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another quick Q - how do i fix the issue of Widgets disappearing for apps installed in SD ?
I just connected phone as storage for some music transfer - i restart after that the Jorte widget is gone.

I read somewhere there is a fix for the same. but i forgot.


This is an Android issue: It just does not support widgets on SD. There might be a workaround if you root your phone, but I'm not interested in, neither know much about rooting. The problem you're having with the Jorte widget is interesting though, as Jorte can't be installed in SD! :thinking: I never experienced this issue connecting or disconnecting the phone as storage.