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Sep 15, 2011
Paisley, Scotland, Western Europe
What i would like is for the FB app to only do things like poll for notifications while my screen is on.
I do like getting fb notifications but only while im (obviously bored and) using the phone.
Fb is isnt important enough for it to be using my CPU and modem while it should be asleep. The people who matter to me can ring or text me if they need me.
Is there any way around this?
Thanx peeps :beer:
can i not set it to notify when the display is on bro? If not, couldnt i just disable notifications from fb in app manager to do the same thing or will it still wake up and poll?
Think ill check it out anyway man :)
If you only disable notifications it'll still wake up and refresh its contents. It just won't notify you.

You can adjust notifications within most apps themselves. That's the better route to go usually
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Cheers mate.
Im surprised there arent any 3rd party fb apps that dont rely on the official one being installed :(
Ps, if i disable notifications within fb, will it still wake the phone?
Think il Greenify it :)
Likely facebook wouldn't give them access to their APIs. Twitter does something similar. twitter apps that aren't the official Twitter app can't have more than like 150,000 users.

Facebook is trying to monetize its mobile users, they aren't going to accomplish that by letting other apps take its revenue stream
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Im not aware of any, but I'd be cautious using a 3rd party g+ app.

Whatever app that is would potentially have access to your whole Google account. The risk of malware for something like that would be huge
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