Dec 23, 2013
This is the second issue i have with this phone, so i might've just picked up one of the malfunctional ones, but my phone recieves AMAZING Wi-Fi and incredibly slow speeds over radio. Also, i almost never have bars indoors, when my friend with the exact same phone provider gets great signals.

Any app or way to fix this? My ZTE Awe is rooted.
Wifi reception is pretty great with this thing, but I too get the low signal only SOMETIMES. Occasionally itll drop to 0 bars even when sitting in the same area that for hours at a time has full signal. Dunno if there really is anything you could do about it. Keep it near a window? :/
If you've ever taken the back off and seen the battery, you've seen the black sticky plastic on the top and bottom, correct?

That's the antennae of the phone... Maybe there's a way to extend it or boost it... But oh well, thanks for the tip? Haha
Okay, just a quick update.
Called VM about this issue, and a random reboot issue (Another discussion i started) and they immediately sent me a new ZTE AWE after resetting my connection to no avail (for the signal).
This fixed the issue entirely, and free of charge.