Any way to improve performance without constantly factory resetting to get it to work accordingly?


Android Enthusiast
I notice there's a strange bug with all of the android devices that I've owned no matter what version. Whenever a factory reset is necessary, It seems like there's always a permanent change in performance after each factory reset. What I mean by this is, after each factory reset, you'll either get one of the variations or a combination of, choppy app/browser performance with a smooth less laggy keyboard, a laggy keyboard with delayed inaccurate typing but smooth scrolling in apps and web browsers, buttery smooth animations, laggy/jittery animations, slight touch screen lag, super responsive touch screen with everything else being wonky/sluggish/jittery, phone running generally warm, phone running generally cool, etc. The point is, I can't get a consistent performance with my android phones after I factory restore them, like I have to sacrifice the performance in one aspect in favor of others, in this case, I resetted my G5 over 15 times and I still haven't been able to get it to work like how it did out of the box. Clearing the cache does jack with most issues. Should I keep factory resetting until the phone works the way I want it to, even if I have to do it another 50 times? Surely there's someone else out there who notices this issue that's been plaguing android for years.