Any way to make calendar events recurring more than 30 days?


I've been looking for a solution to an unusual problem, my work schedule repeats every 35 days.
When I used a windows device with outlook I could program in my rotation and make each day recur every 35 days.
I could then look at my calendar and see on any given day of the year if I was off, or working nights, or days.
The Google/Android calendar only offers recurring appointments up to 30 days, and won't sync with my version of outlook.

Does anyone know if the 12/11 update will include a sync option for all Outlook?
Anyone know of a calendar app that will allow appointments to recur 35 days later?
Is it possible to trick the Google calendar (or Yahoo, or Excite) to repeat at 35 days?


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Dunno, but I'll just add...

I use an archaic outlook 2000, and a sync tool. My recurring are just fine. I have noticed that I have to "accept" an invite for it to go from outlook to gmail, and then back down to the droid.

My prior invites that have year or more meetings have sync'd just fine, but I did accept them in the past.


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I don't see how to do it on the Droid, but it's possible using Google Calendar's web interface. Just set it to "repeats weekly" and "repeats every 5 weeks". Since this is your work schedule, it's not something you'll likely be doing on the fly, so the fact that you can only do it on your desktop shouldn't be an issue.


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I don't see how to do it on the Droid, but it's possible using Google Calendar's web interface...

Maybe use the DROID's web browser to log into Gmail? Setup a bookmark to the loged in state so you don't have to enter username/pwd?


It still won't allow for every "35 days", but offers more options than app.


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Great suggestions UncleMike, and Colnago, I'll try this when I get home!

Just plugged the info into the Google web interface, then watched it move to my phone!
As you say UncleMike, it's not something I need to continue editing on the fly, so I'm good.

In the end, this ought to work just swell!