Dec 22, 2011
Hi I just bought the LG connect and upgraded from the Galaxy Indulge and I wanna know if there is a way to toggle the LTE for the LG connect. It is possible on the Indulge using the Anycut app or dialing the special number for a hidden menu but I'd like to know if its possible on the connect so I can save battery until my spare arrives. I tried using Anycut to access "LTE config." but it kept crashing. Thanks
I downloaded and installed Data Switch, yet I cannot see how to run it ? Help please

Its a widget so you have to press the menu key from the home screen to add it as a shortcut on ur homescreen.

I like data switch because its an actual switch that turns on ur data. Unlike other apps I've tried that just takes u to ur data screen in the settings.

Edit - to use just click on it. You'll know if its on when its green. Dark means data off.