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Anybody else loving/hating their naked/bare Eris?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dtrain13, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. dtrain13

    dtrain13 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've had my Eris for about 3 weeks now and I'm still debating screen cover vs. naked. I've read about a lot of people who have screen covers and liked them, but I haven't heard much from the naked supporters.

    So far the screen gets smudges from fingers and cheeks, but a quick wipedown on my shirt or pants does the trick every time. I don't really see the need for a screen cover, and it seems pretty durable anyway. Has anybody done a scratch test or anything?

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  2. rigamrts

    rigamrts Well-Known Member

    did a test a while back with my g1 and notice it was geting small unnoticable scratches unless you really looked at it after about 3 weeks i didn't want to find out how bad it would get so i put them back on. not sure if the eris suffers from the same thing just not willing to chance it.
  3. shingouki1

    shingouki1 Newbie

    i totally hate skins or cases. not only did i buy the eris for what it does but i also chose it cuz it just feels so good in your hand. its boring looks are just so appealing to me. so i use is bare with just a zagg skin on the screen so it wont get scratched.
  4. Gnok31

    Gnok31 Member

    I keep mine just like the day it came out of the box. HTC designed the phone to work as is so I think a case would just ruin the "feel" of it. I understand that some people see it as an extra layer of protection but I'd rather keep the simplicity and elegance of the phone intact. Besides, I still have not seen a case that improves upon the look of the phone, and that was one reason I chose the Eris.

    This is also my first phone with an oleophobic screen and it's awesome!!! Fingerprints and smudges just wipe off with no streaks which makes it easy keeping the screen looking like new.
  5. rubinscube

    rubinscube Well-Known Member

    I liked the silicon skin from Verizon:), I also applied the custom screen protector the same day.:D
  6. Chopstick2U

    Chopstick2U Android Enthusiast

    I used verizon's screen protector. The rep did a fantastic job putting it on before any hands ever touched the naked screen. As for a case, I hate 'em. I can't stand putting cases on electronics unless it's absolutely necessary. I have the hard snap-on case with the belt clip for if I think I'll ever need the extra protection, but I won't use it day-to-day. Of course, I have the insurance and it won't kill me to have to replace the phone if an accident should befall my Eris.

    Once this first screen protector wears out I might try naked for awhile. I don't like how my finger catchers the edge of the protector when I'm swiping down from the top of the screen.
  7. jeffyo

    jeffyo Android Enthusiast

    Same here. They're both good. I haven't had any issues with the screen protector, as far as touch control goes.

    My G1 got some micro scratches from not being covered. I couldn't see the scratches when on but not the point of keeping your phone in good condition.
  8. Chopstick2U

    Chopstick2U Android Enthusiast

    What IS the point of keeping your phone in good condition if it doesn't affect performance and you can't see the markings? It's not like you're gonna be able to re-sell it.
  9. snorge

    snorge Android Enthusiast

    I've had a vz screen protector on mine since the day I got it. Somehow I got lucky and applied it perfectly on the first attempt, I know it isn't always that easy because I had a hell of a time putting them on my briefly owned Samsung Rogue. Unlike the Rogue the touch screen still seems very accurate with it applied and I like being able to wipe off the protector without worrying about doing something to the screen, a lot of scratches happen when caring for products as dumb as it sounds.
  10. Wolfdroid

    Wolfdroid Newbie

    I've had my Eris for a couple of weeks now, and after reading all of the opinions here, i'm thinking a screen protector. I bought the case/holster (2 parts) good for while i'm at work, but rather have the body of the phone naked.
  11. heavensent58

    heavensent58 Lurker

    I have the Phantom Skynz on mine and love it .... No issue with sensitivity and you cannot even tell its there.
    After scratching my screen the first day i needed to do something and will never go back to the cheap covers. This was a bit of effort to put on but well worth it
  12. ripple

    ripple Lurker

    I can tell you the wife is on your team on this one, she will not even consider a case or screen protector, as she puts its - she likes that its slim, why fatten it up with a case. I think shes right, its got a great form factor and and feel so why mess with it. Of course that being said, its easier for her, she has a purse and a inside pocket it fits nicely into safe from keys and other sharp objects.
  13. Podivin

    Podivin Android Expert

    Personally I wouldn't even consider having one of these without a screen protector. Since that's my only interface with the phone, I'd be mighty upset if I scratched the screen for want of a $5 protector. I have the VZ protector on mine, it took two tries to get it right (you don't really get a second try with a protector, throw it away and get out a new one), but now I don't even know that it's there.

    As for a case, I could argue that either way. I choose to have the VZ black rubber case on mine, because the nature of my hobbies makes that a good idea.
  14. nellarmonia

    nellarmonia Newbie

    I have been debating this since I got the phone! I definitely want a screen protector, (my ipod touch got a huge scratch on it that could have been prevented with a screen cover) but I don't feel like it needs to the body case. Right now I have the black rubber case from Verizon on it (my husband talked me into getting it) and the screen protector.

    If you have a screen protector without the case does it come off/wear out faster?
  15. AirPirate

    AirPirate Newbie

    Verizon screen protector. No case protector. My phone spends a lot of time in Levis pocket, and the small profile is one of the best reasons to buy this phone. Screen protector has not affected touch screen functions.
  16. dwcasey

    dwcasey Well-Known Member

    I feel the same way.

    When I had my iPhone 3g last year, I had a silicone and hard case protector, but it just ruined the look/feel of the phone and it turned it into this big slab that was awkward to use.

    One reason I ordered the Eris ( still waiting for it to arrive ) is the hand feel when I tested it in the store.
  17. dwcasey

    dwcasey Well-Known Member

    How did the application go for you on this? These type of skins worry me with the water involved.
  18. Just buy a screen protector for it. You cant see scratches as much on the mette finish of the phone. Only use a silicon based screen protector also.
  19. aleis

    aleis Android Expert

    i have the two part holster case from verizon for occasional drops but no screen protector. this is my first capacitive screen phone and i like the way it responds as is.
  20. Peaser

    Peaser Well-Known Member

    Same here, bought the black rubber case from Verizon and the screen protector which works great. You get 3 protectors so I put one on my husband's droid the following week (saving a few bucks). I love the rubber case from Verizon. No screen cover on it, but a few people have said, "wow, I love the feel of the droid" and I have to tell them it's the case. works for me. I also have an old Dooney Bourke Palm Case that I put the Droid into when I throw it in a briefcase or bag. Protects it a bit more and keeps some of the dust off of it.
  21. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest

    I am in the same boat with many of the people who have posted already. I have the VZW screen protector, but do not use a skin or hard case on my Eris. I purchased the Eris because of the size, and dont want to add bulk to it. I have not had a problem in the past with dropping phones, so I dont anticipate I will with this one either. Right now, with the cold weather, I carry the phone in my coat pocket, it is the only thing in that pocket. During the summer I carry it in one of my front pants pockets, and again its the only thing in that pocket.
  22. Rrrracer

    Rrrracer Android Enthusiast

    I had a nice suede sleeve left over from a previous phone and am using it with the Eris now.
  23. K0CAW

    K0CAW Member

    +1 here for screen protector but no outside case.

    I just love the form factor too much to mess it up. I've been using the Verizon screen protectors since day one, but I'm thinking about going naked or switching to a ClearTouch from Boxwave (Droid Eris Screen Protector).

    They're a bit on the expensive side, but I had a ClearTouch for my previous phone (LG Venus) and loved it. I have yet to hear from anyone who has one for the Eris, though.
  24. jeffyo

    jeffyo Android Enthusiast

    Not true. I was able to sell my G1 and because I took care of the screen I got more for it.
  25. Gnok31

    Gnok31 Member

    One question for everyone who uses a screen protector: Does it render the oleophobic coating of the screen useless?

    A big reason I love the screen is because it wipes off easily without leaving any streaks. I've had screen protectors on previous phones and if I just wipe it using my shirt or something it leaves streak marks which you can definitely tell in the light. Unless you carry around a cleaning cloth at all times how do you keep it streak-free?

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