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Dec 7, 2010
Tampa, FL
I just finished replacing the screen on my sister in-laws macbook pro that broke a month after she bought it 5 years ago. The laptop was working great until...... Being that it has not been used in 5 years there were quite a few updates one being the Intel firmware. While it was installing the firmware update the dog knocked the power cord out and the laptop shut down. We found out the hard way the battery was bad. :( I have tried everything I know to get it going but nothing works. I posted at the apple site but nobody has answered. Before I bring this to the "genius" bar I wanted to see if anybody here had ideas.

Thanks in advance

Is the MacBook like totally dead, or is it trying to start? - i.e. the screen lights up? Have you tried another Apple MacBook power-brick with it? It could be that the logic-board(as Apple calls the mainboard) had died. If it is, a new board is likely to be extremely expensive and not really worth it for a five year old MacBook.

Probably best thing to do is take it to the Genius Bar, see what they got to say about it.
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If a NVRAM flash job gets interrupted, it usually bricks the computer. Once it's bricked, only a trip back to the factory or repair center will restore it to normal operation. Yes that can be costly, but with socketed ICs being a thing of the past (especially with laptops) that's usually your only choice.

Get a quote or two, and see if it's worth fixing.
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try holding the control+ command+power buttons down at the same time for about 3 sec to restart

if that doesnt work try to reset the smc remove the ac power take out battery hold down power button for 5 sec

good luck!!!
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