Accessories Anybody using this car charger?


Android Expert Scosche reVIVE II Dual USB Car Charger for iPad: Electronics or perhaps know where to get it for a better price? I just received Griffin PowerJolt 2A single connector one which is great. But its going to be used for my car mount with usb cable going to windshield. For regular charges in my arm rest I need another shorter cable. This would be perfect since it has 2A connection (for GPS functionality) and 1A connection for regular charging and BT functionality. So I'm really considering this instead. Curious if anybody has experience with this brand or using this particular part? And as I learned my lesson, you guys can always recommend a better deal :)


I have seen this online also. The only question I have, if I remember correctly, is the voltage on the 2.1 amp side. I think I saw it was 12 volts and not 5 volts. This charger was built for the iPad so there may be a problem. But please allow me to be wrong, since I am very new at this smartphone stuff.


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The USB charging side has to be 5V, it’s a standard. The cig lighter side is usually 12V-24V. But nevertheless, this item is sold out with 2 month wait. I already have 2A charger in one cig port (used for charging w/GPS). Also I have a spare cig port where I'm planning to use another cheap charger. Actually it comes as a bundle of car and wall chargers, both rated at 1A. So I will use it for DX charging.

I usually hate ordering cheap stuff when it comes to electric chargers, but this is brand name with official website, and it actually sold by amazon so can be returned for free. Will let you know how it works in a week or so since I have to wait 5-6 days due to free shipping selection.