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Anyone afraid that June 4th will be anticlimactic?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Y2Dre, May 19, 2010.

  1. Y2Dre

    Y2Dre Newbie
    Thread Starter

    What's up everyone? I've been lurking for a while now, so I figured I'd finally jump into the foray. I'll be leaving the Nextel side of the business (Blackberry 8350i) when I get my hands on the Evo. (hootie-hoo)

    Like everyone else, I'm scanning the internet everyday for any bit of Evo information (rumors, specs, videos, etc.). This will be my first Android phone and I couldn't have picked a better phone than the Evo to cross over to...the thing is a BEAST!!! :eek:

    However, my question/concern is this...with everyone sucking up all of this pre-release date hype (myself included), do we run the risk of June 4th being anticlimactic? Most people have all of their apps picked out, cables ordered, screen protectors ordered, etc... It just seems like the thrill might - and I do mean might - be gone after we finally get the phone. I hope not, because I'm REALLY looking forward to getting my hands on this thing! (Oh yeah...#1 at my local BB...thought I'd throw that in! ;) )


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  2. SoFLO

    SoFLO Guest

    Definitely not for me, this would be my first Android phone and second smartphone (my last one was a WinMo 6.1 device). This is going to be my new addiction :p
  3. Clock

    Clock Well-Known Member


    I'm coming from a Touch Pro. Even silly stuff like scrolling is slow and choppy and it's Windows Mobile. Yeah.

    I can't wait to get Android and mess around with it, figuring out which apps are out there that I would actually use, watching how much faster it is, etc.

    Can't wait!
  4. koolhand79

    koolhand79 Well-Known Member

    For you guys coming from different and older OS's it should be anything but anti-climactic. Android is fun to learn and get use to. But for those of us with Hero's it may be a tad bit lack luster in comparison. I think im mainly excited about the camera and seeing the sense UI working on a phone with so much power. And Im hoping 4G omes to LA sooner than later
  5. Y2Dre

    Y2Dre Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My 8350i was my first real smartphone and I was crazy about it. However, the more I read up on the Evo...or on the Android OS as a whole...the more excited I get. The funny thing is that now when I use my BB, I hate the trackball, I hate the slow data speeds, I hate the small screen...I could go on. I just want the hype to carry on for a while before it dies down. Chicagoland 4G coverage should help with that! :D
  6. dkotoric

    dkotoric Well-Known Member

    well I'm using a hero thats rooted and pretty much running a custom rom which is really the same as whats on the Evo but I just can't wait to get the evo. It just a beast of a phone and all the perfomance upgrades are going to make android itself just awsome.
  7. 1Paladin

    1Paladin Newbie

    Not for me. this will be my first Android device but certainly not my first smart phone or device. I have had PDA's and devices like this since they existed! I have been on treocentral since it was founded etc... i:)i

    I am looking forward to learning Android. I know little now, give me a month and I will be a semi-pro, I learn incredibly fast on these things and that is half the fun! Using it is the other half. i:Di

    To me gadgets are what life is all about! i:Di
  8. Y2Dre

    Y2Dre Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm glad I'm not alone!!! :D
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  9. drksilenc

    drksilenc Android Enthusiast

    im the same as dko but should be great ima hardware guy i get a new cellphone every 6 months so
  10. clickclack

    clickclack Well-Known Member

    I can't wait...I'm coming from the worst phone on the planet...touch diamon!

    Impossible for it to be anti climatic.
  11. Who cares? As long as Radio Shack $hits my EVO out on June 4th I could care less. Im coming from the Incredible so it should be pretty much the same phone but a tad bigger and lots faster.
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  12. Sassy_Lina

    Sassy_Lina Well-Known Member

    @Y2Dre I was just thinking about that this morning. Moreso I was thinking about things like speakerphone volume, ringer volume, and call quality. I've heard horror stories about other HTC phones. These are my only concerns because you won't know them until you have the phone in your possession. So I feel ya. As far as anticlimactic, I enjoy the excitement that ensues before a phone launches it is really enthralling. Everyone is all hyped up on the hype. Love it! I just enjoy it for what it is.

    @BetterMost Why come in here and comment if it is of no concern to you? Makes no sense to me to badger the OP. If the shoe fits wear it, if not don't comment.
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  13. capthr

    capthr Well-Known Member

    Not until the next greatest phone ever is officially announced! LOL
  14. cmanbrazil

    cmanbrazil Well-Known Member

    This really depends on if the phone lives up to the hype. If it does, us fanboys will do an excellent job of showing off the product, and making many others feel they have to upgrade to this phone. Especially for fellow sprint customers, because many like myself have touch diamond phones, blackberry, etc. and will want to upgrade once they can see what our phones can do.

    The real issue is if they can get the experience to the customers. This is why iphone is so successful. So if putting good programs, videos, music, is easy and straight forward, than it will go a long way to selling the phone.
  15. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    I had a touch, touch dipamond, and currently a hero. All by HTC... hardware will be great. Android will be awsome. I am worried that the service speed will let us down. Will not meet what we all are expecting.

    I like Sprint.. phone service has gotten better. Data is still not up to 100%.. and 4th is spotty. I live in a big 4th area and use the overdrive. It is faster..but low signal strength. I hope the ramp up more towers soon.

    Sent from my HERO200 using Tapatalk
  16. Roman G.

    Roman G. No-Posting Probation

    Android is sorta like a small little snowball that you make and release to roll down a endless mountain, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
    The EVO just adds to the snowball:D
  17. Y2Dre

    Y2Dre Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Those are the main reasons why I've stuck with Nextel for years even though they've had a crappy phone selection and slow data speeds. I like to get my geek on like the next person...but at the end of the day, the Evo is a phone first. I would absolutely hate it if I'm having a ball watching videos, streaming YouTube, two-way chatting, etc...and then a call comes in with suspect quality and a crappy speakerphone. Or, I never get the call because I didn't hear the phone ring!

    Knowing me, I'll just deal with it if the above mentioned stuff actually happens. Once I'm all in...I'm all in! :)
  18. Clock

    Clock Well-Known Member

    For me, as long as they don't have any stupid restrictions on the phone (which it doesn't sound like there will be, unlike WM7) and it's not obnoxiously buggy or slow for whatever reason, then I'll be happy.

    Coming from a Touch Pro, they'd have to really, really dick up the EVO for me to have any regrets. I don't see it happening given the high profile of this sucker.
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  19. zaltol

    zaltol Member

    I'm looking forward to getting an EVO. Coming from the Pre and as much as I love WebOS, the hardware on the phone is somewhat lacking and I'm at my wits end with the phone.
  20. GeneralPatton

    GeneralPatton Well-Known Member

    Nah, not anti-climatic at all.

    I bought an HTC Hero which was running Android 1.5 at the end of April and recently returned it to Pre-Order the EVO. For the couple weeks I had the phone, I loved it and kept learning new things/downloading new apps daily.

    With that being said, I am looking forward to the EVO blowing my mind. Many of the apps I had downloaded I didn't even have time to use, so to me, waiting the next couple weeks is hard, because I am looking forward to actually using all the apps, and more.
  21. Fazz

    Fazz Newbie

    A lot of your posts don't make sense.... The Incredible and the Evo have the same processor... How exactly do you expect the Evo to be "lots faster".

    You seem to be quite confused.
  22. GeneralPatton

    GeneralPatton Well-Known Member

    Maybe he means he is in a 4G area and is speaking in regards to internet speed?

    Or, maybe he is confused. :p
  23. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Android Expert

    I think there will be more Apple press on June 4 than this phone will receive, but I won't consider that a letdown.

    I'm looking forward to new vids and comments posted from people who get the phone right away so I hope there's going to be separate threads here for 1) user videos and 2) user comments. Don't care if the vids link back to YouTube but I'd rather come here than checking YT for what's best.
  24. tranceFusion

    tranceFusion Android Enthusiast

    Its a flippin phone people..

    anyway, the first day will be everyone posting "My battery sucks", "I can't sync to Yahoo Mail", etc..
  25. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    my upgrade will not be available till Dec!!!

    so I will be looking forward to all the reviews and vids... and to learn all the goods and bads.. from all you out there!!

    you all are my Ginni pigs!!! :p :D :rolleyes:

    I wish I can get it in june!!! :(

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