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Anyone bought a phone through Sears or done BB price matching?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by K-Rizzle, Nov 2, 2010.

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    So I bought my Sanyo Zio at best buy and have been contemplating exchanging it for either that Transform or Optimus, I was leaning towards the Optimus because I'd read the transform is a glorified moment which is what I just came from and I wanted something a little different, (I'm having some lag issues with the zio). Best Buy doesn't have the optimus in stock though.

    I was on Sears.com today and noticed they have the Samsung Transform for $99.99 there, will BB price match if I bring in my zio to exchange for a transform and print out the web page and bring it into BB?

    OR, can I go into BB and get a refund on my phone and buy it through Sears.com, I'm nervous that since I've already bought a phone, they won't recognize my upgrade anymore in Sprint's system.

    I get ansty when I am within my 30 day window, I just got the phone Friday so I'm not really close to my 30 days yet, but I just want to get the exchange over with. I love the little zio, but I can't handle the lag in loading when I hit home from certain apps or from the lock screen.

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