Help Anyone buy a Bell DZ around Dec/January?

I'm returning my Bell DZ to stock (warranty issues), but I'm unsure what build version it originally shipped with. It seems 50/50 between 1.34.666.1 an 1.34.666.5

If you bought a DZ from Bell in late 2010 or early 2011 and haven't done any custom rom installation or OTA updates (...or know someone who has...), could you check:

settings>about phone>software information

and tell me what your build number is?

I know it's a pretty specific request, I'll consider myself to have won a small lottery if someone fills these criteria lol


Android Expert
I bought mine in November from Bell. My build number is 2.42.666.8. I did get the Gingerbread update. I do not know what the build number was before the update.