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Anyone converting movies with Handbrake yet? (or other tools)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by legacy, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. ProfeZZor X

    ProfeZZor X Android Enthusiast

    The YouTube Downloader program I have also has a converter function that allows me to convert all of my digital movies to the MP4 format. I've already done it with several movies, and they look amazing. None of them are in 3D, but I'm hoping to change that at some point when I upgrade my PC to convert and play 3D Blu-rays.


  2. realmike

    realmike Lurker

    Long time lurker, first time poster here :)

    For those with an Nvidia Cuda enabled video card, hardware acceleration will significantly reduce transcode time. Two software applications support this: Badaboom and Mediacoder. The former is paid and the latter is free.

    I had used Handbrake and Freemake as well. Depending on the source, the previously mentioned software and the requisite hardware has cut my transcoding time from ~ 45 minutes to ~ 20 minutes for a full length movie. Of course, YMMV with your hardware. Not all the work is being done by the GPU. Typically, I see 20 percent utilization with the GPU and most of the eight processes on my i7 core 920 being used.

    The result all looks great on my... ROCKING KICKASS EVO 3D! YEAH BABY!!!
  3. ProfeZZor X

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  4. ProfeZZor X

    ProfeZZor X Android Enthusiast

    I have a dilemma... I have an m4v formatted copy of Avatar 3D, but it doesn't play in 3D on my 3DVO. Instead, it plays as two side-by-side images. Would converting this file to an MP4 change that, or does it require something more?

    Dilemma number two is that I've already converted a couple of 2D movies to the MP4 format and loaded them on to my 3DVO. I've tried putting them in the same ".data > Watch" folder as the Green Hornet, but but when I tried playing them, Watch doesn't identify either of the files as being there.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. legacy

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    May be able to help you with the first issue. On the stock player, once the movie starts (and is in two side by side images), press the menu key, and select "watch in 3D".

    For the second issue, can't you just have a Video folder, and navigate to the file with something like "ES File Explorer"?
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  6. ProfeZZor X

    ProfeZZor X Android Enthusiast

    I ended up removing the file late last night,, and since I'm at work right now, I'll have to do it later on. But thanks for the info. I didn't realize there was a "watch in 3D" mode in the menu. Wicked...

    As for the other issue, I was told that I'd have to just create a folder for the movies I upload and put it in my gallery. And that there's no way to put them in the Watch app. I guess I can live with that, but it would be nice if the I could have a movie poster icon to identify which movie it is I'm clicking on.
  7. lvjeffro

    lvjeffro Lurker

    hey all, been lurking and reading alot here the past few months, but need help for the first time.

    I downloaded handbrake and used a fullscreen dvd of alamo to convert as the knowyourcell.com article has advised. followed the directions to the letter and my copy runs, but is so digitized and pixilated that it is unwatchable, even on my computers media player.

    does this happen with some videos? I have tried it twice with the same disc and both times got the same results. I am going to try it with another disc.

    Any tips, or settings that I should set that are not in those directions? I am not trying to make it into a 3D rendering, just trying to get a movie onto my phone to watch when I hit the DMV on monday...LOL...

    any help would be appreciated.

    ETA: I tried a DVD of good luck chuck, and installed it onto my comp, the video plays but the sound seems to be off from the movie a bit, but it will play, and is of decent quality yey...Now, when I download it to my hero (evo3D coming in tuesday) and using moboplayer, the movie runs ridiculously slow and sound is non existant.

    This is supposed to be ****** proof and obviously Im a ****** like no other, because for some reason this is not working out for me...LOL... I am missing something.

    I am working on this with my hero so I can figure out all this stuff before my phone gets delivered on tuesday, and so far not looking good.
  8. nxxxu

    nxxxu Lurker

    Hi. Im having a problem with video playback, ive tryed step by step guide to convert a sbs video (sample in this case) both handbrake guide and badaboom2 converter guide.

    but in my evo3D they play side by side, and nothing changes when i take play as 3d..

    cant get it to work, any ideas?

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