Anyone developing apps? I have one I really want.

I have no idea where to even start developing apps and have no programming experience at all.

However there is an app I really want. It is available on iphone so all the possibilities must be there. It is simply an app to help me track the 2010/11 UK Rugby premiership (was guinness no avira I think)

here is a link to the iphone app Premiership Rugby : Land Rover iPhone App

but i need an app that can show me:
the results tables and current standings
The fixture tables
The "Match day" page. which shows live scores of ongoing matches

And if possible player profiles and team lists would be nice.

I don't know if anyone here can help me. If not please point me in the direction of the dev community. :)

Thank you


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Check out the many other sub-forums, for requesting and checking new apps. There's also developing forums too.


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i could try and do that. But all i can find out is that it was dev'd by Land Rover.

Unlikely they actually made it. Just financed it. But i guess they would know who they paid. I'll get in touch with them and see where i get to.