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Anyone else? AT&T to Sprint, iPhone to iPod Touch

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Frjps, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Frjps

    Frjps Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Well, here's my plan: On Friday I get the Evo on Sprint & cancel my iPhone account on AT&T (with a bit of an ETF). Then using Sprint's hotspot, transform my iPhone into an always-on wifi iPod Touch. Seems like the best of both worlds, no?

    Will be paying Sprint the same $ as I do AT&T now, even with their $30 hotspot service (using Sprint's $69 mobile to any mobile plan).

    The only thing that could change my mind would be a big, surprising announcement from Steve Jobs on Monday, but I can't imagine what would convince me not to do this. Though I will try to find a friend using an iPhone with no intention of upgrading to the new one, but willing to stay with AT&T another two years. Then I can buy the new iPhone hardware through them.

    Anyone else following this plan?

  2. sontaikle

    sontaikle Well-Known Member

    Doesn't Sprint have a 30 day guarantee? Why not hold off on canceling your AT&T account until after the announcement? That way if the new iPhone really wows you, you can just return the Evo without paying any fees.

    Your idea though? I think it sounds solid. I've read of some people doing something similar with Verizon's mifi and an iPod Touch.
  3. kp5lrhs

    kp5lrhs Lurker

    I heard that AT&T is upping their ETF to $350 so you might want to check when those deadlines are. Also do you really want to carry a Evo and a iphone around everywhere you go? The mobile hotspot is $30 as well, thankfully the phone has been rooted. I'd just use the iphone as ipod in situations you wouldn't want the Evo to get roughed up.
  4. jayhawksean

    jayhawksean Newbie

    first, the Sprint rate is not $69 for the EVO . . . it's $79.

    but the ETF for AT&T only applies to new customers so folks thinking of dropping their current contract with AT&T and getting an EVO will pay far less in penalties.
  5. Frjps

    Frjps Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yes, I'll wait until after June 7th before I actually switch numbers just in case...

    Of course it will be a bit of a pain to carry both devices with me but each phone has it's advantages. For example, I like the calendar, contacts, iPod, email programs on the iPhone, but really like google maps, text input (swype), voice input, and notifications on the Evo. The iPhone has a more consistent & polished looking UI, but the Evo has the best hardware. Too bad I can't find the best of all these in just one phone! So I'll have to settle for two devices so as to have the best of both.

    I also hate AT&T & love Sprint.

    Again, it would be the same as someone having a phone (e.g. android) but also an iPod Touch. That's how I see it anyway.

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