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Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo this year?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RichieHD, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. RichieHD

    RichieHD Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    This is my first year. If anyone else is doing it and wants to add me as a buddy, my account is "richmorrison". So far in one day I've written a little bit over 1700, and there is more to come.

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  2. ExSaint

    ExSaint Android Enthusiast

    What is this NaNoWriMo you speak of?
  3. gallandof

    gallandof Android Expert

    national novel writing month
  4. n0ct3m

    n0ct3m Android Enthusiast

    I'd like to, but I just don't know if I can put a decent story to paper.
  5. davoid

    davoid Android Expert

    It's that time of year, so I thought I'd resuscitate this old thread. Kind of combining Halloween reanimation skills that would do HP Lovecraft proud, with a literary challenge.

    I'm planning to have a go at writing a novel this November for NaNoWriMo and was wondering whether anyone else is up for it?


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