Aug 21, 2011
I've hit the "Check Update" button about every 15 minutes for the past 2 days and still don't have my Jelly Bean update for my TF300.
I have also been clearing my data for "Google Services Framework" as that's worked for my phone in the past.

Anyone else still waiting somewhat patiently in the US?
Received the update Sat. night.

It apparently has a new Google Search.
Problem: when search results are displayed, the links are dead. When I tap on a link in the search results, there is no response.

Anyone else seeing this?
I got mine a few days ago. Its ok. I didnt really notice that much difference in the way I use it. It still hangs browsing.
Got mine this morning, still hesitating ... for losing flash.

Does the stock browser still work with flash? Or only 3rd party browsers?
for anyone who has not got the jellybean update you can always install manually just download from the asus website then place on sd card and the firmware update will pop up. if anyone needs instructions on how to do this just pm me and i will help you out i could also make up a guide if there is enough interest.
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