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Anyone else running hot?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by t35rk, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. t35rk

    t35rk Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I thought my stock original Incredible was running hot at 110

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  2. LGconnect

    LGconnect Member

  3. king dan

    king dan Lurker

    Sorry member.
    Am I the only one mad that the phone does not say the time when the text was sent/delivered. It just gives the day.
  4. blumeany

    blumeany Well-Known Member

    I'm torn about this phone really. I think they really hit a home run in terms of the widgets, the lockscreen (although I'd like it to be customizable), and the activity bar - but there are other things that are annoying, like what you mentioned, and the fact that I can control the Play Music app with the volume bar while I'm listening to music in the car. I have to pick up the phone, hit the power button to wake it, swipe to get to the music app and then I can advance a track. Much easier to just reach down and hold the volume button a la Cyanogenmod.
  5. t35rk

    t35rk Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    My lucid is boxed up and ready to go back to Amazon today. Runs hot on the oem battery and takes too long to charge. The extended battery may resolve these issues but the small slim size makes the Lucid appealing.

    I also found the touchscreen to be a step backward.

    I'm back to my original Incredible the last few days and have not regretted it. I'll see what the Incredible 4G and it's Qualcomm S4 processor does for the battery before I upgrade.

    There are other original Incredible owners here I know. That phone just rocks.
  6. aethyal

    aethyal Lurker

    I've had my Lucid for about a week now and the first thing I noticed was that it ran VERY hot compared to my old Ally. Granted, I was using the phone CONSTANTLY the first few days, playing, trying out apps, etc. I finally figured out that keeping apps open in the background like Skype and Steam would cause my phone to always be nearly too hot to touch.

    I turned off those background apps and now the phone stays cool when I don't use it, but it heats up so quickly that I'm worried that something is terribly wrong with the battery. I have plans to go by the local Verizon store this week but I'm sure they'll simply tell me that it's "normal" or nothing is wrong.

    - aeth

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