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anyone else unable to make payment on line

Discussion in 'Metro PCS' started by grukon, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. grukon

    grukon Lurker
    Thread Starter

    metropcs web site has new sign on, before you had a sign on name and password, now its you phone number and password which doesn't recognize me.

    anyone else???


  2. codesplice

    codesplice Elite Recognized Moderator

    Hi grukon,

    I've moved your thread to the MetroPCS Carrier Forum to help it get a bit more exposure from fellow MetroPCS subscribers :thumbup:
  3. viperdink

    viperdink Android Expert

    we kept trying to pay last week on line , called them they played stupid and when we complained they said they were upgrading since the 24th.
    after paying them and got confirmation of payment, we got two more emails reminding of due payment on accounts that weren't ours.
    metro tmobile is running at there usual high standards.
  4. THE W

    THE W Android Expert

    just tried it, was able to log in successfully. i guess they fixed it.

    i never log into the site anyway as i have autopay set up.
  5. MonteK73

    MonteK73 Member

    I tried it yesterday night as well, no success. Just paid the bill through my metro on the phone.....
  6. BRIAN5337

    BRIAN5337 Android Enthusiast

    1. Go to https://www.metropcs.com/metro/payment/MPCSBalanceWelcome.jsp
    2. Enter your phone number.
    3. Sign in to My Account- Select "NO"
    4. Confirm phone number.
    5. Click Next.

    I had same issue.
    This is the help I received.

    Hope this helps.

    If your on android...link may mess up and redirect as a mobile site.
    You will have to force full site before going to link.
  7. OcalaFlGuy

    OcalaFlGuy Android Expert

    I took a swing through the Mothership on Faceplant earlier tonight.

    LOADED with people locked out of their accounts and not able to get back in.

    Bruce in Ocala, Fl

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