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Anyone elses Google calendar not syncing?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by temple, May 22, 2010.

  1. temple

    temple Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I can't figure out what it going on and I'm hoping that somebody here can help me.

    I am using the stock HTC calendar widget for my calendar, but I can't get any calendar entries dated before April 1, 2010 to sync with my phone anymore ~ they were there when I first got my phone, but now they are gone :( . My google calendar goes back over 2 years when I view it on my computer so I know all the information is still there, I just can't get it to show up on my phone.

    Any idea what has happened?

    Thanks in advance.

    Oh, and if anyone can suggest a better calendar app. than the HTC one, that will still sync with my Google calendar, I'm willing to try that and just forget about the HTC one.

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  2. syntrix

    syntrix Android Expert

    There has to be a setting somewhere... I'm assuming your sync is with your Gcal. I recall an expiry date or something else to click somewhere.... can't remember where.

    So are all your calendar events from Google Calendar as the source, or do the originate from somewhere else, and then you sync them? If it's outlook, there's settings in there!!!

    There used to be the items where you had to accept your appt on the older android versions for them to show up, but now, my tentative appt's show on DI.
  3. temple

    temple Lurker
    Thread Starter

    All my entries before late April (when I got my Droid Inc), were exported from my Palm Centro ~ using the Companion Link software ~ and into my Google calendar so, yes they originally originated somewhere else, but new Google calendar in the source.

    Hmmm...I wonder if there is an exp. date somewhere that I need to change and, better yet, where is it.
  4. justinclarke

    justinclarke Newbie

    Mines not synching properly either. For one of your events that isn't synced to your phone, try going onto Google Calendar on the web and changing 1 event from say yearly to monthly then back to yearly. Then wait for or force a sync on your phone and see if that item now appears.

    This is the issue I have been having on 1 of my Google Calanders lately. Since about 23rd May as well. I heard off someone that Google updated their web calendar when they did something with the Froyo OS.

    Let me know if that works. It works on mine. But I really can't be bothered to go editting all the events just to get them to sync, seeing as they were synced properly before May anyway.
  5. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Android Expert

    I'm pretty sure there limits on what syncs to your phone... I could find them when I looked though...

    Why would you want something older then 2 months on your phone?

    you can try clearing your data cache and re-sync
  6. justinclarke

    justinclarke Newbie

    Maybe mine was a different issue, as I thought he meant dates in the future! It was dates in the future on my calendar that weren't syncing. For my issue I think it's something that Google has changed in their code lately (to do with the Froyo release) which stopped it syncing for some calendars / some items.
  7. I do not have the DINC yet, but I have been trying to find information about alternate calendars and came across the following info:

    Try this:
    Click on Calendar, Menu, More, Calendars, UNCHECK MY CALENDAR. Check off user@gmail, US Holidays, PC Sync.

    You have to make sure you are adding the event to one of your Google calendars and not the HTC default "My Calendar". When you add an event, there is a drop down at the top that lets you select which calendar you add to. The My Calendar, is ONLY on the phone and does not sync with anything. If you play around in the settings, you can turn off the My Calendar, so that it doesn't appear as a choice, and this will make your Google calendar the default. (On a related note, HTC Contacts does the same thing. There are your Google contacts, Facebook contacts, and a My Contacts which is ONLY on the phone and does not sync. So, you have to be careful when adding new contacts or you run into the same thing.) Also, do be careful when you edit an "all day" event. Editing an existing all day calendar event causes the date to be incremented by one day. If you are not careful to reset the date before saving your changes the event will "disappear" into the next day. To see this in action 1) Add a calendar event and check the "All day" box. 2) Save. 3) Select the event. 4)Press the menu button and select "Edit event". 5) The event's date will now be one day in the future.

    If this helps, just hit the button!

    Another person who posted suggested the following:

    1. Go to your calendar, Open it up
    > Menu
    > now make sure you have your calendars selected.

    2. Start from the Home screen
    > Menu
    > Accounts & sync
    >Check Background data
    >Check Auto-sync
    >make sure you select your "google account" (it should be green)

    3.Now go back to your calendar, Open it up again
    >Do you see the 2 arrows on the notification bar? if so then everything should be ok, and it should sync

    I have a new HTC Incredible on order. One of the big reasons that I am switching phones was because my Windows Mobile calendar messed up the times (shifted things an hour off) and totally messed up my entire calendar. I cannot afford to have any calendar issues, so I need a ROCK SOLID calendar that is stable, synchs well, integrates well, allows for recurring inputs, and has nice month, week, and daily views. Personally, I would love to get in on the public beta of PI when it announced. I have used Pocket Informant and Agenda Fusion on my Windows Mobile devices before. I have never used CalenGoo, but something like that would be wonderful, too.

    For others of you who are using different calendars than the stock one, what is the latest and greatest you have found regarding the DINC and:

    Jorte App vs Calendar Pad Pro App vs iRT Calendar App vs Gemini App
    aniAgenda Widget vs Pure Calendar Grid Widget vs Pure Caledar Agenda Widget vs Androidlet Calendar Widget

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  8. wcattey

    wcattey Newbie

    I just installed Jorte and Gemini today. Both of them had no trouble fetching my Google calendar.

    But when I created new events, (I did CAREFULLY confirm they were being created in the Google calendar, not "My Calendar" (for Gemini) or the Jorte-only calendar. In fact, Gemini said the event was associated with my google calendar in its display. Anyway, I digress...)

    When I created new events in Gemini or Jorte, the events could be seen on the phone just fine. The HTC Calendar app saw everything. Gemini and Jorte saw each other's creations. But my desktop computer will ONLY see the events created by the HTC Calendar.

    Yes, I watched the Sync go by after touching events on all three calendars.

    Someone else in another thread also reported this behavior:

  9. malunahe

    malunahe Lurker

    Hi, my favorite is calendar pad. Nice variety of widgets, plus the monthly view displays the event not just the time like the native calendar, but as you have said, you have to add your evens to google calendar and not my calendar, oherwise you won't see them online. crapety crap.
  10. mjkdjk

    mjkdjk Lurker

    I downloaded the Gemini calendar and it works much better than the HTC default calendar. It is a free app. Much more flexibility and more bells and whistles.
  11. garabadz

    garabadz Lurker

    Try this.

    One of my calendars wasn't syncing and this solution worked.

    Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Hit the Menu Button > Filter > All > Calendar Storage > Clear data > OK

    This will clear the saved calendar data and the next time you open your calendar app, it will re-sync your calendars.
  12. RoyVas

    RoyVas Lurker

    Hi Garabadz
    That worked perfectly for me thanks :)

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