Anyone find a case friendly screen protector?


Apr 26, 2011
I applied the ArmorSuit Millitary shield, which is a wet apply, and as you can expect, as soon as you put it in the TPU case (after letting it dry of course) the rubbery, malleable material of the protector just gets pushed up by the case. It's like putting plastic wrap on the screen and expecting it to sit there, vs using a hard plastic screen protector.

Most people seem to be having this issue. I had a Steinheil on my Thunderbolt, which is a dry apply plastic protector, which was also in a TPU case and it worked great with no issues.

Anyone have luck with screen protectors for their DNA in a case?
Im running a ZAGG with the thin TPU case from VZW. No issues. I just made sure I left the phone out of the case for 24hrs and I have not had any issues with the film.