Anyone find some great earphones for the Moto X?


Mar 10, 2010
Southern California
So I've been looking around online for a good set of earphones. Of course, I keep thinking about possibly getting the Sol Republic Jax that are sold off the Motorola site. I read mixed reviews on those. If anyone here purchased a pair with their Moto X, could you tell me how well the in-line remote works for controlling the volume and skipping tracks?

Are there any other earphones that others have had success with using with their Moto X to control volume and/or track skips? Your input would be appreciated!
I have the Jax. They do not allow for volume control, however the middle button pressed twice will advance the track, three times will play prior track and once will pause it. You can also initiate or answer calls with the bottom button. They sound great and I'm pretty picky.

If you want a slightly better sounding pair with the same options for controls (no volume with these either unfortunately), try the Klipsch S4A's.
I run mee's, have for a while. They have replaceable ends for your style of bass... forget which exact model, but I love them for almost any kind of music, especially music with lots of bass :D:D