Anyone get ESPN Radio app to work on Rezound?

Looks like the only problem that I have with my new Rezound is that i can't get the ESPN Radio app to work at all. Every time I try to load a station it will just time out.

I'm got used to using the ESPN app with my bluetooth headset with my Dinc 2 (1 of the best all-around phones ever). Bluetooth streaming would probably kill the Rezound battery fast as hell anyway.

Just wondering if anyone got this to work on their Rezound and wonder why it wouldnt work on this phone, buts works fine with other HTC phones.


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I'm on it. Works great! Thanks for the tip. Got 2 have my ESPN New York.

This Rezound is getting better and better. Now if I can just get this battery life under control things will be all good.

I think I see an extended battery in my future.