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Anyone getting att nexus one?

Discussion in 'AT&T' started by =KLRS=ZERO, Mar 16, 2010.


    =KLRS=ZERO Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    i personaly am not just because it costs 520 dollars and nothing less. is anyone else going to buy?

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  2. Three

    Three Member

    I am giving it VERY serious consideration. My only hesitation is that I have questions about what the HTC Desire will hold on AT&T. While I’m sure it will have the AT&T bloatware and maybe even some old version of Android but I’m wondering will I be able to function with that.

    I look at the backflop and know in the back of my mind that the Desire will have the same thing, sort of.

    I like the idea of a trackpad instead of the ball but it isn’t a deal breaker, just a cool factor. I like the idea of getting updates when they happen instead of when AT&T says its “safe” for me to get them. I doubt I will get apps from any place other than a trusted source but I don’t know how limited or wide the app market is for android.

    If I do, I will likely get it within the next 2 days so that I can have it on the weekend.
    Cost isnt an issue for me as I expected it and saved for it.

    =KLRS=ZERO Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    i like the nexus because it IS a "Google Experience Device" and we will get all the new updates the fastest. another problem is im only 14 and while i have 400 and my parents would pay the 200 my dad wont like me to spend that much
  4. omegafox

    omegafox Newbie

    I ordered mine. Been waiting on this for awhile now. Once I get it I plan on selling my 3G iphone.
  5. Nak#57

    Nak#57 Newbie

    ordered mine earlier today as well
  6. Zynon

    Zynon Lurker

    Ordered mine, it shipped and will be here by 3pm tomorrow!
  7. sergey

    sergey Android Enthusiast

    Cool... would like to hear your thoughts on the N1 and see if there is anything different compared to T-mobile's version!
  8. Zynon

    Zynon Lurker

    I don't have a T-Mobile version to compare to, but I'd be happy to report on what I notice.

    BLOWNCO Well-Known Member

    ill be ordering mine this weekend
  10. Maxx

    Maxx Member

    I'm waaay close to pulling the trigger, but I'm going to calm my nerves and wait to see if there is any Desire news....My impulse is to buy and I'd know I'd be happy with it, but I'm going to hold off for now.

    If it turns out Desire is not coming to AT&T I'll buy N1 before a Dell Mini 5.
  11. Mike J B

    Mike J B Newbie

    I'd pay even $800 just to stick it to AT&T... On my current phone, they have a page of undeletable bookmarks to services I would never use that rather annoys me. And I pretty much called it that their Android phones would use Yahoo. I mean, at least bloatware on PCs can be uninstalled... AT&T takes it to a new low.

    So yes, I'm buying it from Google.

    Since I missed business hours I'll wait to order it tomorrow (well, today now)...
  12. Nak#57

    Nak#57 Newbie

    i ordered mine today about noon but i havent received a conformation that its been shipped. come on ship it already
  13. Maxx

    Maxx Member

    well, even if they bloat up the desire. We'll be able to root it and put standard Android, or even standard Android+HTC on it
  14. ssjaken

    ssjaken Newbie

    i was all uppity about the Milestone, but DAMN this thing just snuck up on me. Already ordered mine
  15. Mike J B

    Mike J B Newbie

    Yeah, it's en route now. Didn't get it engraved *just* because I don't want to wait any longer for it. Two and a half months is enough.
  16. omegafox

    omegafox Newbie

    Mine came in! Google is pretty damn fast. Now I'm gonna let it charge fully before I play with it.
  17. Three

    Three Member

    I was under the impression that you had to drain the battery before charging it. Just what i recall from discussions from 1st round N1 release.
  18. baokeyai

    baokeyai Lurker

    mine came in as well. I was too impatient to wait to play with it. 3G is so much nicer than the edge the ADP1. I'm going to wait a bit to root the phone with Cyanogen until some of the brave tackle that first.

    Otherwise, I love the features on this thing!

    ATT successfully configured without setting up any of the apn, google voice(voicemail) forwarding works like a charm.

    The only thing I don't know how to do is turn the phone off. I hold the power button any it just goes to standby. I tried doing google searches on how to, but most of the searches come up on

    "turn off <feature>"


    "turn off phone"
  19. ssjaken

    ssjaken Newbie

    24 hours with my phone, and **** it is amazing. i love it love it love it. Im gonna rock it for a week or two and then try cyanogen
  20. nestrapez

    nestrapez Newbie

    Its an awesome phone! bought the dock too :D
  21. Ambictus

    Ambictus Android Enthusiast

  22. rkboid

    rkboid Lurker

    Went ahead and got the Nexus, and no regrets. AWESOME phone. Just saw no benefits of waiting for basically the same phone.

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