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Anyone got an updated system?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dasudevil, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. dasudevil

    dasudevil Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Version 2.32.531.1 What does it do? @ Anges that could be the update they were talking about. Lets hope not. I would love to have the ICS

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  2. tukatz

    tukatz Android Enthusiast

    Our son's MT4G never got the Gingerbread update. I called T-Mobile and was told they had discontinued the earlier OTA rollout to fix some bugs, but had started a new rollout that is supposed to run through something like January 22nd. No idea what the version number will be.
  3. 1BlinkGone

    1BlinkGone Well-Known Member

    You CAN download it manually.

    menu/settings/about phone/software update/check now

    There should be a pop-up window offering you an update.

    Pick which method.

    Follow directions.

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  4. tukatz

    tukatz Android Enthusiast

    He's right. Just did it. The display will pause at several points during the update, but no problem. There will be a message on the display when the update is done and you have entered your PIN telling you that you have updated to version whatever (I don't recall the number)
  5. tukatz

    tukatz Android Enthusiast

    Two down and one to go. I just completed the update on my wife's MT4G. Our son is with us for Christmas and his phone never got the earlier update, so his is next.
  6. Yocraze

    Yocraze Lurker

    I don't have the "software update" option... just the "software information" in my "about Phone" sub-folder on my MT4G... ??

  7. tukatz

    tukatz Android Enthusiast

    I just checked our son's MT4G. It is still running 2.2.1 and does not have the software update menu selection either. That may be something that came with the original 2.3 update. Both my phone and my wife's phone were running 2.3 - hers from an OTA update and mine from an in-store update. He'll just have to wait for the OTA.
  8. Anges

    Anges Member

    YUP, that is what they told me!
  9. 1BlinkGone

    1BlinkGone Well-Known Member

    No waiting, here you go. Click on this link, read the info & download the PD15IMG.zip file (embedded link in white text), install as per the instructions, and you're good to go. Now you can run the sequence I said earlier, and the "check now" button will be available. Yes this is the official T-Mobile file and I've done four phones with this file no problem.

    Bupahs World: MyTouch 4G Gingerbread - Update
  10. 1BlinkGone

    1BlinkGone Well-Known Member

    Yocraze- see my new post just above this one.
  11. patches7

    patches7 Lurker

    No, you CAN'T if you are still stuck with 2.21. They don't have check now option unless you have a newer software.
  12. 1BlinkGone

    1BlinkGone Well-Known Member

    Patches7- see post #9 on this thread. This will give you the initial Gingerbread OS that was the OTA upgrade a few months ago; then follow the other directions I offered to update the initial GB install. It's all here.
  13. Texter

    Texter Well-Known Member

    My phone does not have an option there for software update, or check now. I think that is on newer versions then mine has. And I'm not comfortable downloading it and installing it. I just want the ota update.
  14. 1BlinkGone

    1BlinkGone Well-Known Member

    Then you will indeed have to wait for the OTA update. Sorry!
  15. Texter

    Texter Well-Known Member

    Still waiting. I bought my 2 mt4g phones off craigslist instead of though T-Mobile. I guess they are getting even by forcing me to be last.
  16. imalias2u

    imalias2u Lurker

    T-mobile started pushing update to newer system 1/23/2012. Takes about 5 - 7 minutes for everything.
  17. droidroids

    droidroids Lurker

    I'm still pissed at htc for not giving it sense 3.0.

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