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anyone got the mesmerize already???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cesardrgn, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. cesardrgn

    cesardrgn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So they said the samsung mesmerize comes out tomorrow to the public but some store got them since monday or so. I was wondering if anyone here already got it and their 2 cents on it so far...

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  2. cesardrgn

    cesardrgn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    been on the phone with USCC for 31 min ordering the phone. the new plans won't work for me and the lady was trying to explain everything over and over.

    now she told me that the phone will be send out on monday because of inventory? that souded like BS but no worries. so by wends of next week i will have the phone :)
  3. silliybilly

    silliybilly Member

    I swapped my Desire for a Mesmerize yesterday. So far I love the Mesmerize. The screen is beautiful and I love how thin and light the phone feels. It does not feel cheap like many people think. I haven't had any problems with the phone so far but it has been less than 24 hours.
  4. cesardrgn

    cesardrgn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    lucky! i'm still waiting to get mine in the mail :(
  5. I did the same thing (Desire for Mesmerize) and its freakin sweet!

    There is an app pre-loaded (which come to my finding uscc did not know about) that allows you to use the phone as a mobile hotspot. its called "wireless modem". I asked around and the answer I got was "well legally we can't charge more for what the stock phone can do"... so have fun using it as a wireless hotspot! (this will eat away at your 5GB cap though)

    Also the screen is amazing as silliybilly said. It also (compared to the desire) allows your email accounts to be combined into one email inbox, has text swype technology, and its built in "task killer"... way better than that piece of sh*t one from the market.

    Its a great phone. I bought mine on Tuesday (10/26/10). So far, huge fan.
  6. cesardrgn

    cesardrgn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I love the phone! but i have two questions. one do you turn that Swype on? or whateven is call to drag your finger around typing instead of clicking the letters???

    also in my applications i have that "S" Galaxy S Premium symbol but i click on it and it takes me to a broken web link. Server error in '/' application. Parser error????
  7. silliybilly

    silliybilly Member

    The "Galaxy S Premium" thing is broken for now. I think its supposed to take you to a Samsung Galaxy help website. And to use Swype, just long press (hold down the screen for a few seconds) the field where you are gonna enter text. Change input type to Swype. Something to remember if you are new to Android, always long press on things if you are looking for something!! It might not always help but chances are it will bring up a menu! lol
  8. cesardrgn

    cesardrgn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for your help! Loving this phone more and more
  9. dukeofbluz

    dukeofbluz Newbie

    I did the exact same thing, I had my Desire for 29 days and my buddies sister works at a US Cellular store, he had told her about my battery issues and she told him about the Mesmerize, so having 1 day left to exchange it for the same price, I did and I love it. I do miss having the buttons on the desire and the optical mouse.

  10. heidyta

    heidyta Lurker

    How do you turn off the swype function?
  11. cesardrgn

    cesardrgn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    click on a text input box and hold for two sec. that will pop up the menu to change it
  12. protocoldroid

    protocoldroid Lurker

    I've had the phone for a few days now and I love it as well. My friends have the Droid and DroidX and they are very jealous of the SAMOLED screen. Side by side there is no comparison.

    My only issue to date is trying to sync my Outlook Live account. This may be a software issue having nothing to do with the phone itself. The "touchdown" app is suppose to be the cure but at $20 I'm hoping I can work around it.

    Now if only US Cellular would get 2.2 already, I wanna use flash!
  13. Big9mike

    Big9mike Lurker

    Got the phone last week and love it.
    -All the pros mentioned earlier in this thread. My wifi modem is FAST!
    -cons would be battery life (barely a full day with heavy web and market use) and the fact us cellular hasn't sent the full froyo update yet

    I just might invest in the extended battery a little further down the road
  14. Nicolez

    Nicolez Lurker

    I just bought the Android samsung mesmerize and I love it. I have been playing around with it trying to figure it out but now it wont let me turn it to the side to text or anything and I was wondering if I accidently hit something or if its broken. If I don't get any answers I will just go back to U.S cellular and ask them but answers would help.
  15. boxer1832

    boxer1832 Newbie

    Menu> Sound and Display> Orientation

    Check to see if there is a check mark in the box. If there is and it doesn't orientate itself when you turn it sideways the phone maybe defective.
  16. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    #16 Deleted User, Dec 27, 2010
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  17. RayzrShrp,

    Yeah thats the one thing I miss as well. I know there are apps you can download called "No LED" or something. It's close, but definitely not the same thing as having an actual LED light.

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