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anyone gotten the psx emulator to work ?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by jpav, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. jpav

    jpav Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just got the psx emulator for my hero and downloaded a Rom. It still won't work. Anyone who knows the info would be appreciated.

  2. EmoTonyB

    EmoTonyB Android Enthusiast

    i havent got it to work on a moment. the hero is similarly spec'd. i think it only runs on next gen android phones. i got the emulator installed and set up it just wouldnt open the ROM i had
  3. CaveSlug

    CaveSlug Lurker

    Make sure you load up the scph1001.bin file before you try to load a rom, should be located at the top of the menu.
  4. KIlgoreBA

    KIlgoreBA Newbie

    It works almost to full speed on my Droid Incredible! Just be sure to also use .bin PS1 files for ROMs as well.
  5. mrmojoz

    mrmojoz Android Enthusiast

    Should run great on the hero, just don't try anything fancy like actually playing a game.
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  6. Works great for me. You may need to get your roms from somewhere else. Some places rip their games in a wierd compression and wont work with the emulator.
  7. Works brilliantly on my Galaxy S. A lot of ROMs are in .ecu format. Download unecu to decode them to .bin or .img files for your phone
  8. Weazol

    Weazol Android Enthusiast

    yea it works fine for me too.
  9. mike1

    mike1 Well-Known Member

    tried it couldnt get it but i think there is a video on youtube showing you step by step how to get it to work
  10. Cyberpulse

    Cyberpulse Lurker

    I'm having a problem I've downloaded psx4droid installed, downloaded bios file, moved to psx folder, put bios file in psx4driod, downloaded a couple roms one iso other .bin moved to psx folder. I did all this from the phone without connecting to a computer. Won't work is it imperative to connect to computer? if so why? I don't have access to one right now ... Please help
  11. No_u

    No_u Android Enthusiast

    No you don't need to connect it to a PC.

    Please do yourself a favor and get this app:
    It is a much better Playstation emulator, hell I would go as far as saying this is the ONLY working one. ZotDD, the maker of psx4droid abandoned the project while FPse is still under development with frequent updates.

    You can easily get 60 fps on FPse while you'd be happy with 20 on PSX4Droid.
  12. Cyberpulse

    Cyberpulse Lurker

    I'll give it a try thanks
  13. pecos1

    pecos1 Lurker

    Hi, I need some advice for which android emulator to install on my phone for playing the PS1 Games: RetroArch, FPse or PSX4Droid. Which of these PS1 Emulators is the best for playing ps1 games?
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  14. Dannydet

    Dannydet Extreme Android User

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  15. pecos1

    pecos1 Lurker

  16. Dannydet

    Dannydet Extreme Android User

    Yes but has limitations. Basically useless
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  17. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    It's only $3.75, definitely worth it. That's less than the cost of a beer probably.
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