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Anyone has opinions on performance and usability?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by t sport 1978, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. t sport 1978

    t sport 1978 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Looking to buy this phone as an iPad 3rd gen replacement, the question is whether this actually is good enough as a tablet and as a phone?

    Is the huge size a compromise too many and makes it neither here nor there?

    Also for those of you who has this phone, what is the performance like?

    I have played with it but I am looking for opinions from owners.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. bhappyharsha

    bhappyharsha Member


    I use the Galaxy Mega 6.3 (I9200) and it is working very well so far. Performance wise it is good both as a phone as well as a tablet. I can't talk much about the size because it depends on the hands using it. My hands are big so it works fine with me but for too long conversations, you may want to use bluetooth or handsfree. Sometimes, you will probably have to use two hands but it is OK. It is not that heavy either. viewing angles are also fairly good.

  3. t sport 1978

    t sport 1978 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Harsha

    I couldn't wait any longer and bought one anyway :)
    I have had the Galaxy Note before so I am used to big androids, but my other device is an iPhone 5 so the Mega is a monster comparatively to say the least!

    I am finding the performance surprisingly good, also the screen to be excellent. Battery life is a little early to gauge, but I have a feeling that it is quite average. I suppose that's the price of such a big screen.

    Nice to see another mega user though :)
  4. cebu111

    cebu111 Newbie

    My girlfriend currently using this phone and its the LTE version. Ive tried using it and so far its smooth and responsive. The only downside is that colors are not the sharp compare to my Note 2. But overall its a good phone.
  5. PasiS

    PasiS Member

    Hi, a happy user of Mega 6.3 here!

    After a few charging cycles, the battery seems to be really durable. I get about 8 hours surfing and such plus one hour talking with one charge. And about 19h standby time.

    I have been a Mega user for about 5 weeks now and wrote a couple of lines to the other phones section because there was no dedicated thread yet.
    Mega is a brilliant device. There is no lag or other issues compared to S4 even though the specs are not top notch. And the display is gorgeous, surfing, videos, etc are a joy.
    Mega offers a full tablet experience in a portable form, my best device so far!
  6. luisg1984

    luisg1984 Lurker

    Hi. Ive had this phone for less than a day and there seems to be a performance issue when downloading or using apps at the same time. If for example im downloading a file and try to play any videos playback becomes really choppy. Anyone experience that? Thanks
  7. t sport 1978

    t sport 1978 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Had a new 12mb update today, the change log said it 'improved security'.

    Has anyone else got this and have you noticed any difference?
  8. PasiS

    PasiS Member

    I downloaded a 27mb update and the description was 'improved stability'. Well, haven't had any stability issues at all with Mega.
  9. tanyadeerio

    tanyadeerio Lurker

    I have this phone for a couple of days now. One thing I noticed ever since I used it is the poor wifi connection. It's very slow and eventhough I am near the router it shows very poor signal and I think sometimes it disconnected for a second. Anybody experiencing this too?
  10. Vipfreak

    Vipfreak Android Enthusiast

    Had mine for less than a week and it's been everything I thought it would be. Was using a Note 1. Great upgrade.
  11. Coppertop

    Coppertop Lurker

    I only had mine for a day. Battery life seems poor so I'm debating on getting warranty service under the 15 day limit for the battery.

    For the person with bad WiFi have you taken yours to the store under warranty? Sounds like faulty antenna. I get clear WiFi in basement. No so good with cellular antenna.
  12. willowlee

    willowlee Newbie

    Absolutely loved this phone. I downgraded from my note 2 to the mega because of the screen size. I watch alot of videos on youtube and the screen is just awesome. I do noticed it being a little slower and resolution not as sharp as the note 2, but its nothing that I would die for. Smart phones are so fast now a days that the difference, even though its noticeable, is so small.
  13. albiewan

    albiewan Android Enthusiast

    I've had several flagship smartphones since 2009 (all Android) on both Verizon and Sprint. The mega is, by far, the best of the bunch so far. It's definitely not for everybody. If you are a video hog, this is the one. If you don't quite want to carry a tablet around but you do want the biggest screen than currently available with any other mainstream phone, this is the one. Pure and simple, this is a dream to watch videos of any kind. The biggest drag is the shortage of cases, holsters and pouches to go with it but that will change as the weeks go by. It is BIG...it takes some time to adjust to the handling and overall use of this beast. Kudos to Samsung for filling a niche market by creating the Mega. Finally, I have to say that on 3G, 4G and 4GLTE the Mega responds damn good. On WiFi it's dynamite...
  14. Vipfreak

    Vipfreak Android Enthusiast

    Tee Hee!

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