Anyone have info on "Free Music Download" by Zap Zap Apps?

My daughter wants to download this to her Droid 2, but I can't find anything on it (good or bad) from a google search.

First off, I'm suspicious of any program that offers free music with no consequence. Like, at least with Pandora we have to suffer through advertising, so that makes sense. :)

I'm not even sure how it works (since I can't find any info on it), but from reading the description ( it seems to just be a software that collects info on free mp3's that you can download. So... these mp3's can come from anywhere? Eek!

It is in the Android Market, though.

I'm so confused and TRYING not to be paranoid, but these phones are expensive so I'm trying to make them last. :)


novacane (OFWGKTA)
Typically most "Free Music Download" apps just search and pull music files from public domains.