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Anyone have problems with Slacker Radio

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ChiTownJim, May 17, 2010.

  1. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Just curious if anyone is having trouble with Slacker, a few weeks back it started locking up the phone and would require me to restart the phone by battery pull.
    So I uninstalled and resinstalled everything seems fine but now it will just stop playing and require me to skip a song to listen to music sometimes it will stop after one song sometimes 5, sometimes it comes up with a playback error. Have uninstalled and reinstalled now 3 times and there still seems to be a problem.

    Anyone else ??

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  2. Wordslinger

    Wordslinger Well-Known Member

    Sometimes it will lock up on me and I have to skip to the next track. Other times it will forget my password, forcing me to close the app and reopen it. I've never had to pull the battery. If I use a task killer on it and restart it's usually okay. From my own experience, it seems the app can't handle the data dropping from 3G to 1X. Whenever I have a problem, I notice my phone displays 1X. That's just a guess though.
  3. btorrenga

    btorrenga Newbie

    I've had to skip tracks a couple of times, seems to be on 1x at that time. I also had to FC once. Finally, it doesnt allow me to cache stations. Is caching only allowed on the full version? The error I get says I have too many stations cached, but the truth is there are none cached, since it wont let me.
  4. Wordslinger

    Wordslinger Well-Known Member

    You need Slacker Plus. I used the trial and had problems with that also. The app would only let me access my cached stations. I couldn't get to my favorites that weren't cached.
  5. 160jimbo

    160jimbo Lurker

    Was having issues with Slacker skipping when connected via the headset to the car MP3 jack. Seems the 3.5mm plug conflicts with the jack thinking your asking to skip (same switch that activates end call on head phones). Try it with no headset connected and see if it functions properly, if so you've also found the source. I'm not sure where to purchase a 3.5mm cable that won't interfere.
  6. golfinglenn

    golfinglenn Well-Known Member

    Many have reported this problem with cheap 3.5mm cables like ones from Radio shack (myself included). Went to a store that had a large selection of electronics stuff and found a retractable cord with 3.5mm ends that were gold instead of chrome and have had zero issues since. Cable cost me $10.
  7. knowsomething

    knowsomething Newbie

    My trouble with slacker is they play commercials. Which is why I stick with pandora.
  8. FrozenIpaq

    FrozenIpaq Well-Known Member

    Should be noted that the "commercials" are very limited. I've had constant problems with Slacker, particularly when streaming in areas of low signal (won't play next song, or I get an error requiring me to restart/hit play). If you decided to cache songs however it works great, and is one of the only reasons I use it over other streaming apps.

    Basically: Yes, I do experience issues requiring me to skip a song or hit play again. Yes, it's annoying. My solution? Cache station. I've got a dedicated MP3 player but it's in need of some repairs, so until then I'm using Slacker as my primary music player on the Incredible.

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