Anyone having issues with the latest Google Maps/Navigation update?


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Navigation will work fine initially, but the next time I go to use and I enter in a destination, it just stays on the "calculating route" (or whatever it says) screen. I have to go into Applications - Maps and clear the data there, then restart and it works fine then, but it's a bit of a ball ache because that clears the list of previous destinations. Anyone else having the same problem? It was fine before the update, but I don't know if it's a Froyo issue or an issue with the map update as I updated them both on the same day.


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Which version of Maps are you running? I have 4.4.0 and Froyo and it all works as before. I was hoping that the lag between one's actual position and the shown position on the map while driving would have been fixed, but if it has the improvement is small.