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Anyone in the UK got their Nexus One yet?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by markouk, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. Doc Savage

    Doc Savage Newbie

    Haha quality! Once the car kit's out, it should make a perfect holder for that position ... you just need a perfectly adjusted arm fitted to the ceiling and a big red "Emergency 3G" button to release it. :)

    Mission Control tends to move about quite a lot... At the moment, it's east of Hull, just far enough east not to get 3G signal from Hull, but far enough west that I can't walk to beech. :rolleyes:

    Although it should be closer to civilisation (and 3G) in 6 months time.


  2. oniongirl

    oniongirl Android Enthusiast

    mine only seems to pick up 3G when I do the following:

    check the 'Use only 2G networks' setting
    wait to get a notification to say I have no signal
    the GPRS 'G' symbol appears, full signal, often switches back and forth between that and 'E'.
    uncheck the 'Use only 2G networks' setting
    the '3G' symbol appears, only 0 or 1 bars of signal.

    I do indeed have both APN settings on, and the non-MMS one is the one that has the green dot. It's got username vertigo, not any of the others that were mentioned.

    What I might do tomorrow is remove the MMS setting one and see if I can send/receive MMS without them. I might also ring up o2 and just ask what the APN settings are, just to confirm I'm using the right one for my contract.

    Sorry you're not having much luck, but looks as though we're all in similar boats.

    edit: the switching between 'G' and 'E' is def not Nexus specific, I'm holding my old phone next to it and they switch within a second of each other, so that's reassuring.
  3. Nelien

    Nelien Member

    Thanks for that little guide! I'm still only seeing G up there.. But the difference I think between us is that, even though you say you have bad reception in you place, when I only use 2G I get 3 bars at most, 0-2 is the normal.. This flat is a Flux Vortex..

    I don't worry too much about it for the moment.. My current lifestyle surrounds me with wifi networks anyway and GPRS seems to work fine to receive mails and synchronise with social networks, etc.. Still, I'll keep trying and see what happens.

    Oh.. And here's a little something for the moment from a great stop motion artist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_ETSvTAo4A (Something for you who've yet to receive their N1's to get inspired about.. ;))
  4. oniongirl

    oniongirl Android Enthusiast

    That is IMMENSE!!! :D :D Puts my brother's band's stop motion music vid to shame!
  5. Fatal Exception

    Fatal Exception Well-Known Member

    Its another day, payment not taken! :-(

    F5 F5 F5. What time here to yanks start work? About 2pm?
  6. ST Kyle

    ST Kyle Newbie

    Apparently Google messed up the addresses on one of their shipments mine was one of the ones in the shipment! Rang this morning to confirm address, my phone was in Belfst and they said it had to go to Londonderry as Belfast doesn't cover the Armagh area, Belfasts 1 hour from Armagh, Londonderrys 2 hours! So going to pick it up after work, their Belfast depot delivers to my work but the wouldn't change the address without 24hours notice, so if it all works out I'll have it by 3.30!
  7. MartinS

    MartinS Android Expert

    @Oniongirl - it is definitely O2 at fault, when I am nearer town I get a solid 3G signal. I have another line (Blackberry) with O2 and that doesn't get Edge here either (best the BB can do). They are looking into it as I am near 3 masts - and have suggested that I may be in a black spot!

    By the way, any one got their invoice from DHL yet? I've had my phone 8 days and not a peep!
  8. oniongirl

    oniongirl Android Enthusiast

    :( sorry for you. I can't remember if you've mentioned, has the money been reserved in your account? Any messages from your bank saying "ooooerrrr, that's a lorra money in American dollars, maybe it's a thief!"?

    I think that they're 5 or 6 hours behind us.

    Bad luck with the mix up! Hope you get it tonight :)

    Oooh, how to you know whether you're near masts, is there a way to look up the location of them? I know there are a couple locally, they've gone for the "disguised as ******ed trees" design on them, causes great amounts of amusement when driving past!

    As for VAT invoice, no sign here but only received it on Friday.

    Edit: probably should've called the masts "special" instead of the word I chose!
  9. MartinS

    MartinS Android Expert

    The guy on the phone said that he couldn't understand why I didn't have HSDPA as I am near to 3 masts. Otherwise, I don't know. I would have thought they would be on a public service site somewhere - in fact I think I've seen something recently because I am looking at houses. I'll check...
  10. Rhysd2

    Rhysd2 Well-Known Member

    sorry I havent been on here posting more info. Been a bit tied up after catching some nasty bug. Stupid immune system.

    Anyyyywayyyyy cant say I've had any of the contact list issues you've all had. but that might be because I had my contacts organised in google before the synch. I did have to rename a few to match their facebook names(so they'd combine together) but otherwise no issues.

    Likewise with the 3g I was somewhere saturday where theres a solid signal and it never skipped a beat. Nor did it go down to edge or gprs at all.

    Whilst I was at the Mall at Bristol I had a wander round trying to find 16gb or 32gb micro sd cards. Best I could find there was a 8gb. Everywhere I went and asked for the cards I was greeted with "why on earth do you need one that big" at which point I'd whip out the nexus one. Every single phone/computing/camera shop fawned over it once they saw it :D even the chaps in the apple store wanted a cheeky look.

    I tried to convince my wife to take a picture of me holding it up in the apple store but she refused :p heh

    App wise I havent experimented much since my initial list but at lunch Im going to read the posted articles and install a bunch to see how they all are.

    Otherwise im still insanely happy with the phone. The battery life seems much better than my iphone and its lightning quick.
  11. markie-m8

    markie-m8 Well-Known Member

    Anyone else having problems with their phones?
    so far I've had a couple of issues with the keyboard where
    it doesent get the letter I'm poking, could be going for a t and its
    Giving me a space.
    Had a random shut down today while on FB.
    And I've never seen a 3h only get 3g or just a 3, and signal is dire on orange
    With this nexus.

    Grrr. :-(
  12. Doc Savage

    Doc Savage Newbie

    Is this what you're after? You can also use Ofcom's SiteFinder to locate cell towers in your area, although it doesn't seem to be showing *any* on the map atm as far as I can tell.

    Haha, that'd have been quality wind up material. :)

    If I put my N1 through the same pace as my Magic, music for a good 6+ hours + browsing for an hour, the battery still has 15% more charge than my Magic does.

    The earphones are nice and thumpy too compared to ... well any other phone earphones I've had.
  13. chaz_uk

    chaz_uk Android Enthusiast

  14. Rhysd2

    Rhysd2 Well-Known Member

    OK after a fiddle this lunch time I'm now running the following apps:
    Advanced task killer
    Astrid(not sure I'll use it but got it for now)
    Dailystrip(comic strip viewer, gotta love dilbert)
    Handcent sms
    Photoshop Mobile
    Pkt Auctions
    Quick Settings
    Robo Defense
    The Weather Channel
    Unit Converter

    Interested to know what others are running too.

    Was tempted by the NES and Gameboy emulators but it meant going to find roms which seemed a hassle. Or are they readily available?
  15. Doc Savage

    Doc Savage Newbie

    Hehe what's your order status? When did you order? If over the weekend, treat it like Monday order.

    They ship from Indianapolis, and fly from Cincinnati. I received my shipment e-mail on the 13th, and received it mid-day on the 14th, so there's still time for delivery this week. :)
  16. chaz_uk

    chaz_uk Android Enthusiast

    Hi Doc Savage!
    Current status is 15 Jan: Google Phone Webstore received your order.

    I hope they get into gear and do something! :p
  17. oniongirl

    oniongirl Android Enthusiast

    Aw, don't worry, you'll get it this week for sure.

    I ordered mine at half 5 on the 12th (so near enough this time last week). Money wasn't taken from my account and I didn't get my shipment notification from DHL til 11am on the Thursday and then shipment was delivered on the Friday. So, odds are you will have the money taken from you tomorrow and your order shipped at the same time, with delivery on Thursday.
  18. Doc Savage

    Doc Savage Newbie

    Nesoid at the moment doesn't have multi-touch support, and annoyingly, the "hardware" buttons are part of the screen, so you can't for e.g. run and jump, really annoying. :(

    I haven't tried others, software I have installed is:

    • 3D Cube Race
    • Abduction - bouncing cows, can't beat it!
    • AK Notepad
    • AndChat
    • AndFTP
    • Any Cut
    • EStrongs File Explorer
    • FBReader
    • GPS Status
    • Goggles
    • K9 E-Mail
    • Network Discovery
    • Phonalyzr
    • Places Directory
    • Reality Browser (Layar)
    • Space Physics (silly but fun game)
    • Tricorder (trek fans... you *want* this)
    • Wifi Analyzer
  19. MartinS

    MartinS Android Expert

    Yes, that's it, if you click on the area on the map (Scotland, England...) you can then enter your postcode. As for the O2 one, that's what I originally found when I discovered that I should be getting HSDPA no problem where I live.

    What it doesn't tell you is who's masts they are.
  20. chaz_uk

    chaz_uk Android Enthusiast

    Fingers crossed! :D It'll make me appreciate it more when it does arrive. :p
  21. Fatal Exception

    Fatal Exception Well-Known Member

  22. oniongirl

    oniongirl Android Enthusiast

    How close do you have to be to the mast to be classified as "near" to the masts. On the map with the scale at little line = 1000 metres, I have
    32 Single operator GSM and 32 Single operator UMTS technology. Zoomed in so the scale's at 500m and I have 3 of each.

    Oh, and it does tell you whose they are. If you zoom in on each one, one of the radio-buttons will change to have 'view base details' as the option when you like. I have a 3G mast 5 minutes walk away from my house. But it's Vodafone. All that radiation for NOTHING! ;)
  23. Fatal Exception

    Fatal Exception Well-Known Member

    AND ITS OFF!!!!!

    The tracking info actually started last night, but google didn't update their page.
    1/19/2010 9:30 amDepart Facility [​IMG] Cincinnati Hub, OH
  24. chaz_uk

    chaz_uk Android Enthusiast


    Congrats Fatal Exception! Still waiting for mine to update. :p

    EDIT: Noooo! I see you ordered after me. What is going on with my order. :(
  25. ST Kyle

    ST Kyle Newbie

    Got mine, girl friend collected it and I got it from her after work, now the long wait for it to charge!

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