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Anyone in the UK got their Nexus One yet?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by markouk, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. Fatal Exception

    Fatal Exception Well-Known Member

    How long does this baby need to charge through USB? Its been going for a while now and still orange. I guess I was a tad spoiled as my 6500 slide charges in 1/2 an hour and lasts for about a week.


  2. oniongirl

    oniongirl Android Enthusiast

    "Charges at 480mA from USB, at 980mA from supplied charger"

    So about half the speed from USB. Mine take maybe 2 - 4 hours to charge, but that's not from a flat battery. Then again, they don't ship empty batteries anymore as I discovered when inserting mine and it taking liberties and turning itself on. I nearly missed my first start up screen. Horror ;)
  3. markouk

    markouk Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Wow, the last time you must have got a new phone the batteries were probably NiCd or NiMH ones!!
    Are you sure you are coping with the technological revolution that is "touchscreen"?:p
  4. intothesun

    intothesun Newbie

    Mine arrived but 20 mins ago. Good grief, it's a sexy little thing :D

    Oh, and I powered it up straight away. No waiting about for me ;)
  5. MartinS

    MartinS Android Expert

    Just to add to Stricly's comment:

    If you have Windows contacts, Outlook etc then export them to a CSV file. Then go into Googlemail/contacts and import the file.

    Your phone when it arrives and once signed in to Google should pick them all up.

    This takes 2 minutes.
  6. Fatal Exception

    Fatal Exception Well-Known Member

    Too late :) I got bored waiting for it to charge so I manually coppied all my contacts out of my old phone, hopefully facebook will do some of the other work for me...

    It also gave me a chance to sift out the shit that had been there since days when a phone could only have 1 number per person. :D Dave, Dave Mobile, Dave work etc...

    Still not charged :(
  7. markouk

    markouk Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Congratulations. enjoy that little puppy. Turn the screen up full and wallow in AMOLED joy....then turn it down to a normal level so it'll last the next ten minutes!!!:D
  8. johnsto

    johnsto Newbie

    Where did you get your AC charger from btw? Is it 1000mA?
  9. Jeevo

    Jeevo Lurker

  10. Nelien

    Nelien Member

    It sorts that out automatically. I tend to format all removable media I buy before using it (don't want any crap software or drivers like those old USB's used to have) so if you're doing the same don't forget it's FAT32 as filesystem on anything larger than 2Gb. Other than that, just backup your old data (in case you have photos or other stuff) and plug the new one it, works from the start.

    Nice!! Congrats! Is it on yet?
  11. oniongirl

    oniongirl Android Enthusiast

    Oi, it wasn't THAT old...! (And I can say that with confidence having just taken the back of my phone off, removing the layer of grime that comes with living at the bottom of a handbag, and it definitely says li-ion :p)

    Seriously though, it is something to behold. I'm actually carrying a computer in my pocket. I keep wanting to go play with all the various settings just because i'm amazing at how many there are.

    Oh, I've just found voicemail settings. Anyone know what the number to dial o2 voicemail is? Is it 901?
  12. Fatal Exception

    Fatal Exception Well-Known Member

    Yeah, 3G is damn fast. Faster than my work PC :D

    Need to take it home and have a propper play but so far I have:

    Imported all my contacts, merged duplicates, hidden all contacts without phone numbers and synced with facebook.

    It took a while to get used to SMS being treted as messaging and not mail like older phones.
  13. ST Kyle

    ST Kyle Newbie

    Yea it's 901.
  14. MartinS

    MartinS Android Expert


    You can also call the following to switch on and off:

    1760 Voicemail off.
    1750 Voicemail on.
  15. chaz_uk

    chaz_uk Android Enthusiast


    :D Things are getting exciting now!
  16. oniongirl

    oniongirl Android Enthusiast

    Hehehehe, this is the best bit. Once you hit the status that translates to "It's on the plane!!" you will be beside yourself ;)
  17. Nelien

    Nelien Member

    A be stuck at your desk following a little yellow air plane on a map non-stop! In the end I felt like I was on that very plane.. :)
  18. gkinghrn

    gkinghrn Lurker

    Well I ordered and got mine a few days ago... Only thing I still cant get working is the MMS thing - this may be due to it being a corporate number but whatever not a huge issue.

    Absolutely loving it.....Battery really needs conditioning ...first charge it lasted about 4 hours but it's been getting much better every time I charge it.... i am doing 'fast drains' on it followed by slow etc... seems to be getting better .

    Apps are great in general and web browsing is as good as the Iphone in terms of quality of screen/speed etc... though I do miss the 2-finger zoom/shrink from the Iphone - anyone any idea if this might come in in a future release.

    Best bet aslo is to download the user guide from the Nexus web site...i found it useful to just read it and make sure i was using it properly and found a few little gems in there..

    Size is brilliant too..smaller than the chunky Iphone...

    And I didn't bother with a UK adaptor... it uses the SAME slim USB charger as a blackberry and plus also it charges fine off the USB through the PC... Don't spend $30 on an adaptor just buy a shaver plug if you must plug it into the mains and stick your US adaptor into that....

    No sign yet of the VAT invoice but i expect it will come....
  19. chief99

    chief99 Lurker

    I am trying to order mine but keep getting a 'order failed' message at the top of the last page. The order doesnt even go through so I get no order number or even a reason for the error.

    Anyone else had any problems similar to this one? Does it mean the card has been declined or something else?
  20. ROBIN50N

    ROBIN50N Well-Known Member

    ive thrown my hat in the ring and ordered. quick qustion. could i plug the usb lead into an iphone plug and use that to charge it?
  21. Doc Savage

    Doc Savage Newbie

    If the iPhone plug is something like this then yes, that's what I'm doing. To my knowledge you have to pay import duty on accessories, and $30 for a charger is a bit excessive IMO.
  22. Doc Savage

    Doc Savage Newbie

    People were getting a lot of that when it was first released, apparently sheer determination will get you there.

    I'd give your bank a ring tomorrow if you still can't order. But people who have had payments refused, have been told so after they get an order number.

    You can contact Google here, but be prepared for a few automated responses, apparently they have a bot running their service desk.
  23. chief99

    chief99 Lurker

    yeah I have tried many times with different variations of browsers, card details etc. all to the same effect.

    I have tried contacting google but can now see what everyone's problems with support were, its impossible to get through to them! Left an email eventually but will contact the bank tomorrow. Determined to get this phone!
  24. Nelien

    Nelien Member

    I want to strangle myself... I've locked myself out of the phone :(

    Forgot lock pattern (I just HAD to change it last night right before going to bed) and for some stupid reason it doesn't allow me to log in with my gmail account.. Sais username/password incorrect although it's obviously the correct one since I just used it to log in to my gmail account...

    Put up a question on the google support forum but dreading I might have to hard reset the phone... All those apps..
  25. Member12446

    Member12446 Guest

    A similar thing happened on my galaxy. Try turning it off and on it and trying again.

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