Anyone know about texting in japan?

so if i have some of my families phone numbers.... can i just text them?


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I'm making the assumption you'll be texting them from outside Japan?

If that's the case just prefix the Japanese dial code to their phone number and text like normal.

Edit: If you're in japan just text the numbers as given to you.


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If you're outside of the same country that they're in, won't testing be a bit costly that way?

free international text :)

but i heard somewhere in japan they dont use SMS so thats why i was wondering

ive tried before and i know all my family reads english sooo ya lol


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Japan's cell carriers are even more confusing that those in the US.

I've had it work and not work while in Japan.

By all means, try it. If it fails - mail time.


Are you in Japan? if so what's carrier you use? softbank, au, docomo, etc.
As far as I know, if your carrier is au, you can send SMS to only au user.


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I'm in New Mexico, USA, right now - I travel there often for work, _usually_ rent a phone, often docomo.

So - I'm not expert, but had some experience I hoped you'd find useful.