Anyone know anything about this site?


I'm looking to get a smartphone to replace my aging flip phone. I'm looking for one I can root to use as an occasional tether. I'm also interested in using it as an e-reader (PDFs), so a large screen is a plus. That's about all I plan to use it for.... that an talking on it of course.

Looking for unlocked phones I could use with straighttalk, I ran across this website: Cheap Tinji i9220 5.3 inch Android 4.0 3G Smart Phone With WCDMA+GSM Dual SIM WiFi GPS Capacitive Touch Screen Black (BLACK) |

Has anyone heard of it? I assume they are selling cheap knockoffs, but something like that may work well for me.


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i looked them up on resellerratings . com and they have a good rating, however, you always take your chance with sites like this pushing low cost electronics.