Anyone looking for MetroStation Icon Pack


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Sooooooooooooo, metrostation isn't on the play store anymore for some reason, copyright infringement I believe.. Or is it.... I somehow managed to download it from the Play Store today, so I figured I would share this:

That should result in the play store opening and allowing you to download it, enjoy ;)


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1Mobile Market has it. i am not sure when it was taken off of Play or why, as it's a free app and contains zero malware or adware inside.


Never posted this before, maybe someone might find this interesting/useful.

I love Metrostation and think its great, and since I've been getting into development lately I thought I should mess with it. Boring story short, I added 800 of my own icons to it.

Screenshot of them set up with the rainbow option.

Actually in the app

I'm not sure of the legality of distributing this, but I contacted the dev and he sent me a stock response. I will only use it for personal use if things stay the same.