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anyone looking to upgrade to the lg esteem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by blaxican25, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Just thought id let you know we got cwm recovery and overclocked at 2ghz :) oh yeah.

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  2. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

    Yeah buddy! Next month its mine!!!
  3. BrandonOptimus

    BrandonOptimus Android Enthusiast

    CWM official???? And holy crap. Half of that 1.7ghz is like reboot issue to the OM...

    Must save.. My... Money.. No more buying new shoes :p
  4. Insanecrane

    Insanecrane Android Enthusiast

    Well I have been keeping track of the Esteem forum here because of the simple fact that I am going to move up to it early next year.

    I saw that the recovery is in place and that for me is a big step with custom rom's being the final piece of the puzzle.

    I for one really need the price to drop some(the mail in rebate thing just takes too long for me) the upfront cost is a bit much for me right now.

    $300 is doable but $250 and it's all mine. Hopefully once the new year is a few weeks old the price drops and they introduce some new model.
  5. NeoSabin

    NeoSabin Well-Known Member

    The esteem is pretty sweet. I haven't noticed any major issues yet except for my battery drain.
  6. ShinySide

    ShinySide Extreme Android User

  7. yahhboy

    yahhboy Android Expert

    Starting 01/02/11 the esteem will be $350 and will have a $50 rebate :(
  8. pmb116

    pmb116 Android Enthusiast

    The rebate however will be instant. If you are waiting for a price around 250, go to Newegg they have them there.
  9. meat0255

    meat0255 Newbie

    Shoulda bought it before first of the year. They were $250. Out the door, my son bought one.
  10. Misleadb4

    Misleadb4 Android Enthusiast

    Ive visited two metro stores in my area one corperate, the other not, both are sold out completely, and dont even know when they are gettin more. Also they wont talk about the Lg connect coming out, idk why not. Is it suppose to be hushhush, makes ya think.

    Edit; ^ sold out of the esteem. ~„~
  11. bobdamnit

    bobdamnit Android Enthusiast

    The Esteem isn't even sold in my area. We are reduced to the Ascend, Optimus, and the brand new HTC Wildfire S. (Basically, an OM with a better camera.)
  12. mikekelso421

    mikekelso421 Android Enthusiast

    DONT BUY THE ESTEEM!!! I KNOW 3 PEOPLE THAT OWN ONE AND LEMME TELL YOU A LITTLE BIT ABOUT THEIR PROBLEMS...all 3 of them get random reboots MULTIPLE times a day..im talking over 5 times easily...on top of that,the phone doesnt have a way to toggle off 4g and just keep regular 3/2g..next is battery life..2 of the 3 of them will not charge if your using the phone while charging..and if your NOT using it,it charges slow as F!i rooted and installed CWM on all 3,deleted all the bloat and did just about everything in my ability to fix it as best as i could...but the phone still reboot and has all the same problems....i dont know if its the BATCH of phones that came out that were failures but these are typical problems i found in all my friends esteems,,,i suggest getting an evo or incredible flashed to metro..my data speed are anywhere between 800kbps and 1400kbps...in good 3g areas...like at my house.flashed phones dont get governed like metros official phones,,,and the ROM selection on these 2 phones are amazing! hope this novel helps a few people in choosing a phone.lol id hate to see ANYONE buy a 300$ reboot phone.lol :)
  13. mikekelso421

    mikekelso421 Android Enthusiast

    my evo gets almost metros 4g speed on 3g.lol
  14. yes6you7can

    yes6you7can Lurker

    Your friends must really not be good with smartphones because i have two esteems and they work fine best phone i have ever had. My battery last 3days at a time charges while i'm on it and never reboots less i want it to have one rooted one not both are fine recommend it to anyone

    PS: only one problem with the one that is not rooted. The backlight gose off after 10 - 15 seconds no matter what its set to
  15. ChiweN

    ChiweN Android Expert

    Well no, I wasn't looking to upgrade to the esteem yet, but thanks to this I am now! Bahahaha.
  16. yahhboy

    yahhboy Android Expert

    +1 I and at least 5 other people I know have perfectly running esteems most of them have it stock and don't even care to know what rooting is :p
  17. tripdoc79

    tripdoc79 Android Enthusiast

    yeah.. and the opt m had many a rebooting issue..and for some people still does.. but we ahve pretty much eliminated that issue now... wont be long b4 the same happens with the esteem, i dont have one yet.. but im going to work with PG on CM9 for the esteem.. so that when i do buy one, hopefully we can have it up and running by then
  18. ChiweN

    ChiweN Android Expert

    Hey now, one thing at a time! Get your butt back to work on cm9 for the optimus m. Now! Bahaha..jk ;)
  19. tripdoc79

    tripdoc79 Android Enthusiast

    im actually about to sync up with cm9 and build for the optimus and the esteem.. my current working project is AOSP stock android, may have better luck with CM9.. only time will tell lol. going to downgrade my netbook to ubuntu 10.04 and enable the ccache so i can bring it to work with me and try to get something done on it in my downtime,
  20. mikekelso421

    mikekelso421 Android Enthusiast

    You must have not read my post accurately. I personally have worked on these phones. And I myself, someone with plenty of experience playing around with android,experienced these thing happen. I never said every LG esteem will have this issue. Lol but I am telling u what I have witnessed happen with this phone. It could have been because they were the first batch of phones that got shipped. I'm sure some of you that "know a little about smartphones" know how first batchs of phones can be.lol
  21. tripdoc79

    tripdoc79 Android Enthusiast

    first batch.. manufacturer has a deadline to meet.. has to fill an order for so many phones but such date.. usually there are flaws.. just like the xbox, and the ps2, and everything other new big thing.. but once the phone is out and the complaints start rolling in.. people start working on the fixes for such things.. and then theres comes the OTA update to fix said issues.. for android anyway.. new phones tend to have pretty decent support for the first year they are out.. after that.. if the issues havent been fixed they arent going to be lol
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  22. 1.7 GHz?!?!?!?! WOW!!! Oh wait my EVO 3D has been running at 1.8GHz since the day I got it....... Anytime you want to roll with a friendly benchmark competition let me know. F.Y.I. if you can't get your scores above a Galaxy S II, don't even waste your time coming to see me. The only device that has a higher score is the Asus Transformer Prime with a quad-core processor. Anytime you are ready, find you a lightweight ROM and PM me. Seriously though, I'm curious to see what this flagship MetroPCS phone will do, as I left Metro for Sprint right before it came out.
  23. mario0318

    mario0318 Well-Known Member

    I would wait to see what price the LG Connect will be when it comes out. Considering the Connect is dual core and has 1GB of RAM I would wait for that one. I'm also guessing the Esteem will drop in price once the Connect is out.
  24. pmb116

    pmb116 Android Enthusiast

    The Connect is more of a side grade if anything. Smaller screen, no HDMI out, VGA front facing camera.
  25. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    sorry bro we oc'd at 2ghz now so ha ha yo EVO 3D can take that lmao :D

    are kernel has been updated sense my last post.

    and who sits around watching 3d movies on a phone a 3 year old lmao.

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