Anyone regretting the X now with the new crop of phones arriving?


Well it's been a few months since we got our X's, since then a slew of new android phones have been released and announced. Has the honeymoon ended and you wish you had waited or there's nothing that can come between you and your X.
Verizon is now getting the Global phones the Droid Pro the Samsung Continuum and the Incredible HD plus the original Incredible has returned and the rumored HTC Merge

T-mobile now has the G2 and the MyTouch HD

AT&T has the rumored Dell Thunder

and lets not forget the highly rumored Samsung Nexus 2 (S2)


Phones come and go all the time but I'm happy with the X. Will look to upgrade when I get the opportunity. All part of the game :D


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For me the DX was the perfect phone for my needs... I don't travel internationally enough to warrant the purchase of a global phone. Yea there are some cool phones coming out in the next few months! But I'm guessing that there'll be even cooler phones coming out next Fall when I start thinking about replacing the DX.


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if you go by the OP's perspective.. you'll never be happy, cause every few months a new, better phone will be released and depress you with your aged technology.


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if you go by the OP's perspective.. you'll never be happy, cause every few months a new, better phone will be released and depress you with your aged technology.

Bingo. I knew full well when I got the X that there would be newer phones soon.

The X is awesome, I am still enjoying it and I am not upgrading until LTE is fully rolled out.


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I have to agree with xliderider, until LTE is in my area I am happy with the X. By the time it's time for me to upgrade there will be some crazy phones out. It was the best phone at the time and that's what I got. I am still happy. Plus now with all the ROMS and the OC abilities. I'm clocked at 1350 MhZ and it has really woke this phone up! It's like a woman as a bus, they come and go every 5 mins, I am only getting on if you're going to the place I want to be... ( I know, bad analogy)


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What they all said...if you don't like that your phone is eclipsed by better phones within a few months, then you pretty much need to shy away from all technology.


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As of now, nope I wouldn't trade my droid x for anything that is coming out in the near future. I've always been that blackberry girl that wanted a iphone for the longest time, but now that I have a droid x and I know it can do so much more than the iphone I don't even want that anymore.

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So... I don't see the Galaxy S as an upgrade to the Droid X. It's a different phone, with different strengths and different weaknesses.

The Continuum is a Fascinate with a smaller screen and a secondary display. The secondary display doesn't hold much appeal for me, nor does the smaller screen. I'm guessing if you wanted a 3.4" display, you don't own a Droid X right now.

I'm also guessing if you want a Droid Pro, you own a Droid 2 instead of a Droid X right now. Can't imagine why you'd want one of the awful Droid-series keyboards, but hey, everyone's different.

The rest of the phones... Horses for courses. If you want a keyboard, the new HTC G2 keyboard looks to be the best out, so maybe the HTC Merge is your cup of tea... but again, none of them are really a significant upgrade from the X, they're just different phones with different feature sets.

In any event, people who regret buying a piece of electronics because something new comes out in a few months are going to be living with a lifetime of regret.


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No. Battery life, 3 mics, reception, 4.3 inch screen, HD camera, and build quality make the X the best. It won't be beat anytime soon.


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No. Battery life, 3 mics, reception, 4.3 inch screen, HD camera, and build quality make the X the best. It won't be beat anytime soon.

ya i agree. i usually don't feel like this, but this phone will keep me happy for quite some time to come.


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Seriously, I'm not sure I agree with the OP at all. With the exception of a global option on Verizon (the only network I consider) and a front facing, there isn't a phone out there that I would want instead of the thin and wide beauty of a DX in my hand presently. The DX looks the best, is the most vanilla of OS platforms (except for first Droid), and always generates the most commentary from passersby when I pull out the phone to check something. Last night, from an iPhone fanboy: "Holy Moly, look at the size of that screen! Do you mind if I try typing on it?!", followed by, "When did that come out?!" Android has finally battled back to parity, and IMHO, surpassed the apple.


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Before I bought the X I looked at every available phone... the X came out on Top for what I need from a phone, there's nothing in the current generation of smartphones phones that I want.

If phones with dual core processors make an appearance 1Q 2011 I might be tempted to switch then as long as the battery life is anywhere near as good as the X. The speed of the phone while browsing is the one area that I would still like to see improvement in the X (and any of the current gen smartphones).

I would consider a windows phone 7 device if they take care of the initial release limitations and if their app store takes off (but I think will be mid to end of next year at the earliest before that happens).


Sure there will be more new features on the new phones. But in terms of just being a great phone, the DX is hard to beat with its great sensitivity, voice quality, and respectible battery life. I wouldn't trade any new feature for the basics of having a great phone, when many phones fail in that regard.


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If you waited for the next best thing you would never buy a phone. I got my X on July 1 (yes, early) and could not be happier.


Nope, I'm happy with my X. I haven't seen anything crop up that I'd even consider giving it up for.


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I don't care about all these new phones. The two things that matter to me the most are battery life and call quality, and so far no one is beating the Droid X in either of those departments. So I am not regretting my decision.


Nah, the DX is the flagship phone and will be so for several months. Next summer, if something worth it comes out, I'll use my 1 year upgrade and get it.


The X is more than enough of a phone for me especially with Fission Rom running on it now. It should last me until they get all the kinks worked out with LTE. The Droid X is still Verizon's flagship phone and will be for a while. The Droid X is not only a great smart phone, but a great phone. I've never been happier with voice quality when using either Google voice or just standard CDMA calling, and the other person on the other end can hardly tell I'm driving or outside.

In my opinion phones running Snapdragon are overrated. The processor is power hungry and will kill the phone quickly and lacks behind times when it comes to graphics processing. The Hummingbird on the other hand is a great processor and am sad that I don't have it. But I am unwilling to sacrifice the quality of the Droid X's other internals to just have a better graphic processor. But with Tegra 2 and Cortex A9 processors starting to go into phone slated for spring so I can wait til next summer to upgrade. I'm not going to be jealous of what's coming. Cause frankly I'm not impressed by what's on the Horizon. Because I can make my phone do 1.2GHz to match the Droid 2 global.

And to be honest all the phones HTC is putting out lately are more locked down than ever, and are using the same technology they been putting out for the last six months.


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i got mine on launch day and I'm ok with it for a couple more months. I upgrade more than every year though, so getting a new phone in Jan/Feb when LTE phones roll out is around my normal upgrade timeline anyways, and LTE will be available where I live initially