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Anyone replace the glass?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GNS1310, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. GNS1310

    GNS1310 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  2. birthofahero

    birthofahero Android Enthusiast

    There was a thread about someone who replaced it HERE. I dont know anything about replacing that kind of stuff so hopefully someone on that thread can help you out. Good luck!
  3. Medic3166

    Medic3166 Newbie

    Repairs Universe is a great site. My girlfriend dropped her iPod touch, and shattered the screen. I ordered a new glass digitizer from them, and had it in a few days. Their install videos on You Tube are pretty helpful too.
  4. jrmckins

    jrmckins Android Expert

    $69? if you can wait a few months you should be able to get a whole dinc for that.
  5. vzw+google+htc=:)

    vzw+google+htc=:) Android Enthusiast

    I used them for an ipod video that I broke the screen on and it was easy taking the ipod apart so should be easier with the HTC.
  6. euph_22

    euph_22 Android Expert

    A few MONTHS? You probably check how much non-contract/used cell phones sell for.

    Used g1's go for >$80. Eris's go for >$140.
  7. mandasol

    mandasol Newbie

    Yeah, I saw that, so I took my Dinc apart to replace the screen. Then I saw the same poster post the following in another forum:

    Well, I saw that after I cracked my LCD while trying to repair the screen (yeah I know it's an AMOLED screen). So, take his advice and do anything to keep using the device if it still works, and only try replacing the screen as a last resort effort.

    In a bit of irony it is a pretty easy fix to replace the LCD, well once it's broken at least, because then you can rip it out without worrying about cracking it.

    So, I ordered a new LCD here because that is the only place I found that had sold them.

    Anyway, the screen is applied with the gunkiest, spongy, black, stickiest adhesive known to man (at least this man), and it covers ever single area that is blacked out on the screen. You have to rip the screen off in pieces, and as shards of razor sharp glass fractures and shatters most of the black areas of the screen will break off and remain glued down. You have to use whatever utensils you have to chip away, gnaw, scrape, and use whatever brute force you have to remove the remains of the glass all while it continues to shatter into ever smaller shards - OH and you still have to be delicate or you'll destroy the flimsy case.

    Once you get the glass off, you can double the pleasure by removing every last spec of the spongy adhesive. Why? ...well because it's spongy and the new the screen will not lay flat unless you remove every micron sized spec. Imagine chipping away gorilla glue with a precision screw driver from every last corner of the inside of a precision watch one spec at a time without breaking anything. If you think that you've done a good enough job and you put everything together, you'll know you're tragically wrong when the screen floats above the bezel case and you can feel and hear the screen press down into the bezel then lift back up as you take your finger away because you missed a few spots of the sponge. So, you get to triple the fun by taking everything apart and going back in to remove EVERY last spec of adhesive - and remember to take care not to crack the LCD and your new Glass Screen in the process.

    Also, take a picture of the connector from the LCD to the board, because there are four sets of wires that you need to remove and while three of them have quick release clips and all you have to do is slide in the wired connector as far as they'll go in and flip the release closed, the LCD connector just slides in and out (and not very easily, surprise, surprise) you have to line it up correctly. There is a small white line painted onto the connector that you use as a guide to determine how far the connector goes in. Too far in or out and the screen will not turn on.

    Anyway, I successfully replaced my screen (and my LCD as a bonus), and my device works great, and looks great. It only cost me $80 for the glass screen, $104 for the LCD, and about $20 for the tools, tape, etc. Oh, wait I could've used my extra line and gotten a new device for $200:(

    If everything I described sounds like your cup of tea, go for it.
  8. hookem

    hookem Android Enthusiast

    How did you scratch it? The glass on these phones are around the 6-7 on Mohs' hadness scale. Most metals you would typically encounter and plain glass are 5-6. Quartz is 7. Was sand involved?

  9. jasonwf

    jasonwf Lurker

    Scratched mine too. I think it was some grains of sand in my pocket from the beach.
  10. Member207894

    Member207894 Guest

    I *really* think you're being a bit over dramatic with much of this post. But seeing as you broke a perfectly good AMOLED display even though it's merely held in place with two small screws, I understand why you were frustrated to find that HTC tries really hard to keep the digitizer attached to the bezel (hence all that sticky glue stuff). I wonder if something like Goof Off would help to remove the old stuff?

    If you find yourself in this situation again, might I suggest you pick up one of these as you're ordering your new digitizer? It would save you a lot of the trouble you seem to have encountered.
  11. nkk

    nkk Android Expert

    He may not have seen the sane. Tiny grains of SiO2 are present in dirt or really anywhere that is not a clean room. Given the right orientations and whatnot, it could have scratched in his pocket with nothing else there. No noticeable sand or dirt, just one tiny grain.

  12. breathmints

    breathmints Member

    the glass on these phones are super nice and glossy damn!..better feel than on my lg dare
  13. mandasol

    mandasol Newbie

    Huh? Only "two small screws"? So I guess I have the only device that shipped with a GLUED down AMOLED display? Which by the way I was careful in removing but I found out later had gotten a small practically invisible crack that I only noticed after the screen would not turn on.

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