Anyone seen just the TF201-DOCK-GR keyboard for sale?

It seems that the docks for the Transformer Primes are even harder to find than the tablets. Has anyone seen them available, or have any ideas how I might purchase one?

Thanks for your help!
GameStop has them available for pre-order - expected to be released on January 4th.

EDIT - I also just placed an order for one on - they are expecting to ship them out between January 26th and February 9th...

EDIT v.2 - for consistency's sake:

GameStop: (looks like they only have gray)

Amazon: (Gray) (Champagne)
^ Ahh - I gotcha. Sorry about that!

As far as I know (just from reading every darn Transformer Prime forum I can find) - no one has them for "immediate" purchase. A few people who have preordered them claim that they are out for delivery today - but I suspect that if you haven't ordered one already, you might have to just wait it out until next month...
Nothing immediately available but I just purchased one from and they said there stock is coming in the end of this week or early next week and that I would get one in that shipment.


I got mine from newegg. Set up an email notify thing with them and got notified on the 23rd. I put the order in as soon as i got the email and got it on the 27th.


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I happen to look at best buy this morning and to my surprise they had the dock! Ordered it and its set to be picked up on the 20th. I just ordered the TP tablet from Office Depot yesterday.


This probably won't help many folks, but I saw a half dozen of them on the shelf at the Fry's Electronics in Campbell, CA this weekend while I was looking for a case for my Prime. They are not on the Fry's website that I could find.


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If anyone is in Bakersfield, I returned my last Prime and have a Grey Keyboard being delivered today. Obviously it is going back but I will sell it local or if you prefer we can meet at BestBuy and you can purchase it right as I return it.


I ordered my keyboard on Friday and I just received it today! I'm using it right now. It will take a bit of getting used to.

Also there was a firmware update as soon as I plugged it in.


I just recieved my dock from bb today. I preordered niether the prime or the dock. My suggestion is to constantly check forums too see if some nice fellow posts links to order them. Thats what I did.